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I say let Brendan play.

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

First of all, Coach Moretti is a pig. A racist fascist dope-smoking communist thug who's trying to undermine American values. Second of all, I've never met the man. I just have this feeling about him. There's no doubt in my mind that there's a conspiracy going on at Hinsdale South and they're trying to steal the election.

I won't stand for it. I want the kid back as a starter or I'm going to continue writing about this till the School Board cries "uncle". I will not be trifled with.

BTW, Brendan is the best kid on the team. Who cares if he doesn't get along with the coach or his parents like to litigate? Rule #1 is to keep the talent happy...and believe me, I've got talent dripping from my pores like a Vermont Maple in the Fall.

Mom sues Hinsdale South after son, a two-time all-conference pick, is cut from basketball team

A Hinsdale South parent is suing the Hinsdale Township High School District and several Hinsdale South employees in an attempt to get her son back on the boys basketball team.

By Michael O’Brien, Suntimes

Nov 27, 2023

Brendan Savage (right) playing in a basketball game last season.

A Hinsdale South parent is suing the Hinsdale Township High School District and several Hinsdale South employees in an attempt to get her son back on the boys basketball team.

Erin Savage filed the lawsuit on Wednesday in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division. It alleges that Hinsdale South boys basketball coach Michael Belcaster cut her son Brendan after tryouts this fall in retaliation for the family filing a complaint against the previous coach, Michael Moretti.

Belcaster was the sophomore coach under Moretti last season.

“I’ve never filed a lawsuit before,” Erin Savage told the Sun-Times. “Our six kids have been involved in approximately 31 varsity sports at the high school. I’ve never complained about a coach. But we’ve also never encountered [someone] who thinks he can do whatever he wants. That was [Moretti].”

Named in the lawsuit are the Hinsdale Township Board of Education, interim superintendent Linda Yonke, Hinsdale South principal Patrick Hardy, Hinsdale Township School District Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Cheryl Moore, Hinsdale South Athletic Director Art Ostrow and Belcaster.

According to Savage, her son “started probably every game” on varsity as a sophomore and junior. He scored 35 points in a loss to Proviso East last season and was named to the All-Conference team in the West Suburban Conference as a sophomore and junior.

“This is more than just about him being cut from the basketball team,” Savage’s lawyer, Steven Glink, told the Sun-Times. “This is about what I feel is retaliation of his First Amendment rights. He spoke out against the coach. They substantiated it. The coach got demoted. He tries out for the team, he’s All-Conference as a sophomore and junior and now he doesn’t make the team as a senior? That doesn’t pass the smell test in my book.”

On May 7, Savage filed a complaint with the school board against Moretti, alleging verbal abuse, bullying and humiliation.

On June 14, the school district responded with a letter from acting superintendent Chris Covino to Savage. It said an investigation determined that “the preponderance of the evidence does not substantiate that Mr. Moretti bullied your son in violation of Board Policy.”

The letter went on to say that “the investigation did substantiate that Mr. Moretti’s interactions and communication with your son have been inappropriate and inconsistent with the high standards of professionalism expected of all employees under Board Policy … further, please be advised that the District does not tolerate any form of retaliation because you have made this complaint.”

The lawsuit alleges that Belcaster cut Savage from the team this season in retaliation for the complaint, which violates “clearly established First Amendment law as well as the BOE’s policy” and asks for $75,000 plus costs and attorney’s fees.

Glink filed an emergency motion on Monday morning asking the judge to order Hinsdale South to put Savage on the team and give him playing time.

“Even if they put him on the team and never play him it is the same retaliation,” Glink said.

Hinsdale South Director of Communications Chris Jasculca said that the district does not comment on legal matters.

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