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Ilhan Omar roasted for tweet claiming Earth broke heat record last set 120,000 years ago

OK, she's a little anti-Semitic. Actually really anti-Semitic, but she was actually alive back then, and if she says it was hot I believe her.

Ilhan Omar roasted for tweet claiming Earth broke heat record last set 120,000 years ago

By Thomas Catenacci, Fox News

July 18, 2023

Omar, who used the tweet to call for a “climate emergency” declaration, added that the record for hottest day ever was broken on three separate days.

However, Omar’s tweet was met with skepticism and was tagged with a Twitter community note casting doubt on the claim.

“What was the temperature of the globe at 12pm GMT on July 1st, 116,539 BC?” former White House adviser Stephen Miller responded.

“Is this satire?” added Republican Utah Senate candidate Trent Staggs, the current mayor of Riverton, Utah.

Earlier this month, local Florida outlet WFLA-TV reported that “Earth broke a record for its hottest day in 120,000 years” on concurrent days, citing the Climate Reanalyzer dashboard maintained by the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute.

The tool compiles weather data stretching back to 1979 and comes with a stark warning that the data “should NOT be taken as ‘official’ observational records.”

In addition, the WFLA-TV report states weather record-keeping began in the 1800s and data from before that period is based on “sophisticated methods of examining copious climate clues in proxy data like tree rings, ice cores, ocean sediments, etc.”

“120,000 years ago takes us back to when neanderthals were just beginning to roam the Earth, who I don’t think were measuring the weather,” conservative commentator Greg Price tweeted in response to Omar. “The first thermometer was invented by Galileo in 1593 and the first modern thermometer in 1714 by Gabriel Fahrenheit. She’s making s—t up.”

“Okay, let’s test this claim. What was the earth’s temperature in July 20,000 years ago? Or 60,000 years ago? Or 119,000 years ago? Please provide evidence to substantiate your answers,” another commentator Dinesh D’Souza tweeted.

“I called my friend who is 117,094 years old and he just confirmed this is totally true,” conservative blogger Kate Hyde added.

“If you believe that we have precise daily temperature records dating back 120 thousand years, then this claim may seem credible,” said Matt Walsh, a Daily Wire host. “But if you are approximately smarter than a sea sponge then you know that this is hysterical bulls—t.”

Jeremy Redfern, a spokesperson for Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, said the “national climate emergency” demand is an excuse to do “a bunch of left wing stuff.”

While President Biden has focused much of his presidency on combating climate change, he has yet to formally declare it a national emergency.

A climate emergency declaration would enable Biden to bypass Congress and take a number of regulatory steps not normally authorized to the White House.

In July 2022, after reports that the president would issue such a declaration, he opted instead to issue executive orders addressing the “climate crisis,” but he stopped short of an emergency declaration.

“Declaring a ‘national emergency’, especially for an international problem, doesn’t solve a thing,” Benji Backer, founder of the American Conservation Coalition, said in a tweet responding to Omar. “Just look at COVID. It might do well on Twitter, but it sure isn’t a solution.”

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