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Illinois set to become first state to eliminate cash bail after state Supreme Court ruling

Honestly, to lock up a violent criminal is racist. In fact, a lot of these guys now being kicked out of the lockup have no good place to stay.

That is why I'm asking all Spritzler Report readers to consider adopting a gang criminal who wants to turn their life around. I know the naysayers will gripe that they may get accosted or worse by their new house guests to which I say...have a heart.

They're not beating you senseless because they want to, they're working out a lifetime of hopelessness.

Illinois set to become first state to eliminate cash bail after state Supreme Court ruling

Reporting by Matthew Hendrickson, Chicago Suntimes


Historic decision: Illinois is set to become the first state in the nation to eliminate cash bail after the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a landmark criminal justice reform law did not violate the state’s constitution.

A political flashpoint: Studies of jurisdictions that have nearly eliminated cash bail have shown no significant increases in crime generally, nor by defendants released while awaiting trial. But in the weeks before the election, opponents derided the SAFE-T Act as a "purge law" and claimed it would make the state — with a particular focus on Chicago — less safe by releasing more violent criminals to prey on the public. Democrats celebrated the decision Tuesday, a sweeping win for Gov. J.B. Pritzker and progressives who pushed for the law.

What justices said: In its 5-2 ruling, the court said the state’s constitution "does not mandate that monetary bail is the only means to ensure criminal defendants appear for trials or the only means to protect the public. Our constitution creates a balance between the individual rights of defendants and the individual rights of crime victims. The Act’s pretrial release provisions set forth procedures commensurate with that balance."

Read some more progressive BS!

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