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Imagine Snitz as Israel’s Prime Minister?

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Just kidding, however, I would like to take this op to shit all over Netanyahu and his band of the intellectually impaired. Think Joe and our Congress is bad, they can’t begin to compare with this cadre of misfits.

Where to start? How about by discussing the inevitable? Stay with me on this…it’s brilliant.

Every year like clockwork about 700,000 Americans die of heart attacks, 600,000 from cancer, 100,000 from opioid abuse, and 50,000 each from Suicides and traffic fatalities. Could we cut this significantly? Perhaps if folks stopped ingesting sugar and got on a StairMaster. Homicides…the stuff that consumes the news? A miserly 10,000 deaths per year. Doesn’t move the dial.

Using similar metrics, about 50,000 will die each year in Israel from this stuff. Oh, BTW they’re surrounded by a bunch of folks who don’t like them. Is the Gaza attack this year unusual? Not really. Whatever happens from this point on, living in an inhospitable area inevitably is going to lead to between 500 and 1,500 deaths per year (if you’re lucky). Small compared to the health issues above, but very painful nonetheless.

Israel just leveled 50% of the structures in Gaza City, home to 2 million people (ergo: destroyed a city), most of whom are peace-loving folks under the thumb of Hamas (whom they hate), while killing over 10,000 innocents. Do you think that might irritate of few folks? Make it more or less likely that some new folks may think ill of Israel? Hmmm.

Is that a proportional response? Actually, a proportional response would have started with having some border security in the first place so the death toll would be 100-200 people, not 1,300.

That was the first clue that the guys in charge belonged in a clown car.

What would I do if I were in charge? Get out of dodge immediately. Get a collation of nations to chip in to rebuild the place (like we did with Japan after WWII), pray that the next government is better than the last one (good luck w that).

Amazing how much easier it is to level a city and disrupt people's lives than rebuild the thing. Ooops!

Maybe think about playing the long game (as I’ve said before): triangulate with China & the US to cut or threaten to cut off oil sales from Iran (Hamas’s funding source) money no weaponry. The US is awash in oil and can promise energy independence to China.

Then bomb any potential Iranian enriched uranium processing sites that are making weapons-grade fuel.

Of course, this requires the douchebags in charge to use some common sense. Nope…too much to ask.

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