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In NY no gas stoves in new buildings because the world is ending.

Please...I beg you; every day you cook on your gas-life-ending appliance you're literally sucking the Oxygen out of our planet. For god's sake, buy an electric stove and electric car and BTW, while you're at it a wind turbine.

Xi Jinping is watching all of us on TikTok, and if enough of us do this crazy sheet he might throttle back all the carbon China dumps into the atmosphere (currently twice that of the US).

New York Poised to Ban Gas Stoves in New Buildings as Part of All-Electric Mandate

Poll shows most state respondents oppose idea, though lawmakers plan a phased-in approach

A measure including an end to gas stoves in new homes is on track to be added to the state’s coming budget.

By Scott Calvert, WSJ

March 26, 2023 5:30 am ET

New York is poised to become the first state in the U.S. to pass a law banning natural-gas and other fossil-fuel hookups in new buildings, a step Democrats are pushing to help the state meet targets for greenhouse-gas reduction.

The measure is on track to be added to the state’s coming budget, which is due to be completed this week. Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul in January pitched an all-electric building mandate in her spending plan, and both chambers of the Democratic-controlled State Legislature included similar proposals in their respective budget outlines. One of the legislation’s most noticeable effects would be an end to gas stoves in new homes, along with other gas-powered appliances such as water heaters, furnaces and clothes dryers.

It faces opposition from some Republicans, labor unions, gas companies and business groups, citing concerns including affordability and reliability. Environmental groups have cheered the efforts.

Democrats in Albany are still hammering out final details such as when the mandate would take effect, lawmakers said, though all proposals on the table take a phased-in approach. The suggested effective dates tossed around so far, for various kinds of buildings, range from as early as Jan. 1, 2025, to as late as Dec. 31, 2028. The Senate and Assembly measures would exempt uses such as commercial kitchens, hospitals, crematoriums, laboratories and laundromats, while the governor’s office said a range of exemptions would be possible.

“The basic premise here is that if you continue to build buildings that are going to require fossil fuels for decades to come, you are baking in…destructive behavior that burning fossil fuels causes,” said Democratic state Sen. Brian Kavanagh, an advocate in the Senate. “The first step is to stop digging the hole deeper.”

Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt said the proposals would remove options for consumers. “Seeking a cleaner energy future does not have to involve outright prohibitions on reliable, affordable energy,” he said.

Controversy over gas stoves flared nationally earlier this year following a news report that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission was considering a gas-stove ban on indoor- air health concerns. Republicans and some centrist Democrats cast the Biden administration as trying to outlaw a beloved way of cooking. The White House said President Biden didn’t support a gas-stove ban.

New Yorkers for Affordable Energy, a coalition that includes labor unions and gas companies, argues against a mandate, calling it unpopular with residents. A recent Siena College poll found that 53% of all New York respondents said they opposed the idea.

“Natural gas is going to continue to be part of the bridge between what we have now, with the heavy use of fossil fuel, and what we are going to have in the future,” with more- renewable sources, said Daniel Ortega, of the coalition. “Unless we are able to address reliability and affordability, none of this is going to work out.”

He cited December’s blizzard in Buffalo that caused widespread power outages as an illustration of electricity’s limitations.

Mr. Kavanagh, who represents lower Manhattan, said the Senate bill allows backup power sources using fossil fuels, and added that modern buildings often have battery-storage capacity.

Under New York’s proposals for banning fossil-fuel hookups, people who already have gas stoves could keep them. That would also be true under a separate proposal from Ms. Hochul to prohibit the sale of any new fossil-fuel heating equipment and related systems for existing homes and buildings starting in 2030.

Passage of a statewide building electrification requirement could spur other states to follow, said Amy Turner, senior fellow at the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School.

“New York state is a big place. Parts of it are politically purple to red. It has areas of very cold climate,” she said.

Dozens of U.S. municipalities, including many Democratic-led cities in California and elsewhere, already have all-electric building mandates, and lawmakers in some Republican-led states have passed laws blocking cities from imposing such requirements. In late 2021, New York City mandated that most new buildings be constructed fully electric.

Some states have pursued similar goals without legislation. Last year the Washington State Building Code Council moved to require heat pumps as the main heating source in buildings. The changes, which take effect in July, allow gas heat pumps and the use of gas supplemental heating.

The New York state Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, passed in 2019, calls for a reduction in economywide greenhouse-gas emissions of 40% by 2030 and 85% by 2050 from 1990 levels.

“This is going to be the biggest way we can chop off a huge amount of the pollution,” said Assembly member Emily Gallagher, a Democrat who sponsored an all-electric building bill.

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