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Inside the ‘explosive’ love life of Argentinian President Javier Milei and Fátima Flórez

Not to be left out Jill Biden today said "I'm having the best sex of my life. The reason Joe seems tired and disoriented at press conferences is because he's not getting any sleep at night. In fact our medicine cabinet is wall to wall Viagra. I need a vacation or I'm going to be unable to walk".

Inside the ‘explosive’ love life of Argentinian President Javier Milei and Fátima Flórez

By Jesse O’Neill, NY Post

Published Jan. 22, 2024

The Argentinian comedian dating the country’s new president, populist sex guru Javier Milei, is gushing about the couple’s “explosive” young relationship as the country’s financial crisis continues to spiral.

Despite only having dated the libertarian politician for six months, Fátima Flórez, 42, is widely considered the first lady or primera dama of Argentina.

“I’m really hooked on Javier,” she told the Sunday Times in Spanish during an interview published Sunday, her first with a foreign outlet.

“Even when we are far apart, we are very close. And when we are close, we are close, we are explosive, explosive, you know what I mean?”

Flórez did not shy away from addressing Milei’s outrageous boasts about his sexual prowess, including the former tantric instructor saying he could abstain from climaxing for three months.

“There are no complaints,” she said of the power couple’s intimate relations, adding with a laugh, “There are many satisfactions.”

the couple

Argentina’s President Javier Milei holds hands with his girlfriend, actor Fatima Florez, as she performs in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 29, 2023.

But the relationship was also off the charts in other departments, she reportedly claimed.

“I’m super in love with him, head over heels,” she said. “He’s a rock star.”

Indeed, Milei’s flair for theatrics could make Ozzy Osbourne blush.

Sworn into office last month, the 53-year-old former TV pundit, who sports an unruly mop of hair and sideburns that rival the comic book character Wolverine, appeared on the campaign trail in a leather jacket and wielding a massive chainsaw, which he said was for slashing wasteful spending.

Milei’s promise to adopt the dollar instead of the peso to fight triple-digit inflation, increase gun sales, allow people to sell their organs, recriminalize abortion and privatize waterways were met with the approval of 56 percent of the country’s voters in a November runoff.

The candidate’s authoritarian streak galvanized a large youth vote at a time when soaring poverty and plummeting purchasing power were decimating the country, and his La Libertad Avanza coalition beat back Peronism, the left-wing statist system of government that had ruled Argentina for much of the past 75 years.

Milei’s victory was thought by political observers to be less about politics and more about overturning the mores of the status quo. His ascent was likened to the right-wing upset victories of Donald Trump in the US and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil last decade.

In his first month in office, he slashed the number of government departments in half and pushed an economic deregulation that has prices spiraling further.

He also shunned the official presidential palace and moved into the suburbs of Buenos Aires with five mastiffs that were genetically engineered to be clones of one of his deceased dogs.

The other woman in Milei’s life is his sister Karina, whom he calls “el jefe” — using the Spanish masculine form of “the boss.” Critics speculate Karina is the one actually wielding the presidential power.

But Flórez insists that despite the nation’s turmoil and heightened worries about Milei’s leadership ability, the first couple’s relationship is made to last and will benefit the country.


“People can think what they like,” Flórez says. “The truth is we are happy together.

“We don’t bring work into our relationship, our moments together are for enjoyment. We use our time together well, caressing each other, hugging, connecting, talking about our feelings, the emotional and spiritual things.”

Flórez takes the stage nearly every night in an Argentinian resort town to perform impressions of scores of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Shakira, and yes, Milei, who caught her act in late December and went on stage to give her a 13-second embrace that went viral.

During the interview, she was quick to show off her impersonation of another right-wing showboating world leader who rose to national fame on the small screen.

Flórez was in the room when former US President and current candidate Trump called to congratulate Milei on his Nov. 19 victory.

“He was really emotional about Javier’s victory, he was very affectionate. He wanted to congratulate Javier for his stunning triumph,” she said, before switching to English to impersonate Trump’s delivery of “Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Milei’s powerful new post and Flórez’s six-night-a-week staging of her show “Fátima 100%” in Mar del Plata, 260 miles from Buenos Aires, mean the first couple are essentially in a long-distance relationship.

“We hadn’t seen each other for a week,” Flórez told the paper. “He is a dedicated full-time president, he sleeps very little in order to work and to fulfil everything he has to do, which is a lot, a huge challenge.”

“There’s an emergency situation,” she added, referring to the nation’s economic crisis, “so the moments we have together, we try to make them super-quality.”

“He’s not like a politician,” Flórez gushed. “I’ve never seen any politician so loved by the people.”

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