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Instead of talking about EV cars & Global Warming perhaps ...

We might want to spend a little money containing wildfires. But what do I know?

Early burning

Authorities in the Canadian province of Alberta have declared an early start to wildfire season — even sooner than last year’s March 1st start date — as the government looks to get a head start on the blazes that blight the area, after 2023’s record burning rates.

The declaration is said to stem from warmer temperatures in the province, drought, a dry and mild winter, as well as the fact that some fires hanging over from 2023 have been burning “pretty much all winter”, according to firefighting experts.

Crews will be hoping that the precautionary measures that are introduced when wildfire season officially begins, such as the requirement for fire permits when starting blazes in Alberta’s Forest Protection Area, will help their fight against the flames this year.

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