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Is an American political rev coming? Spritzer Essay

On election day 2016, as the media anointed Hillary with an insurmountable lead, the Spritzler Report predicted that Mr. Meathead had a better than even chance to win. Do I still have the magic touch? Can Geico save you on car insurance?

#1 I have contempt for the Republicans, a bunch of Bible-thumping idiots dictating to women whether or not to bring children into this world. Apparently, the concept of individual liberty means nothing. When that dies, what makes this country unique dies too.

#2. I have even greater contempt for the Dems. Mostly for what they’ve done, but also for what I fear they’ll do if left in power. Let me count the ways. Where to start?

Shutting the economy down during the pandemic and destroying businesses. Isolating our children with remote learning, ushering in a new generation with emotional/learning impairment. Paying people not to work, triggering worker shortages that continue today.

How about throwing America’s law enforcement under the bus, rendering them unable to do their job. Crime wave anyone? Or guilt shaming anyone who isn’t black? Hispanic? Sorry, you don’t count. What better way to promote racism?

How about borrowing massive amounts of money which devalues our currency and leads to LT inflation? The lion’s share of this occurred under the hammer of Obama and Biden.

Oh yes, scuttling our national oil and natural gas business while promoting pipe dream wind/solar policies. Enjoying the $5/gal gas, 2X natural gas pricing and rolling blackouts? Thought so? France figured out nuclear power, apparently over your pay grade?

Then there’s our wonderful nonexistent border security, laughable foreign policy (Afghan anyone)!

But perhaps best is having a president who honestly belongs in a memory care facility. The leader of the free world my ass. If that doesn’t offend you, you belong in the facility yourself!

#3 Where’s this going? It’s far easier to break something than fix it. A change of regime isn’t going to create any miracles, but it might usher in a long road back to some sort of prudent stewardship for this country.

That’s what I’m hoping for. The alternative is more of the same. Does that sound appetizing to you?

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