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Is Eliz Warren right about Musk?

Stossel's short video is thought-provoking and mostly on target.

My take. There's nothing wrong with prudent government regulation. However, demonizing people who are successful and making money? I don't recall Liz going after Michael Jordan. He's rich?

Musk has done a ton of innovative things, created jobs and BTW is basically FOS. He claims his cars are environmentally friendly when they're arguably less green than hybrid automobiles. He routinely says nutty stuff on social media and Twitter is not yet improved.

Does this all mean he's not beneficial to society? just means you need to take his rhetoric with a grain of salt.

Liz on the other hand is also FOS but doesn't "do" anything except tear down people that do. We need more people like Musk and less people like Liz.

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