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Is Google news biased left? By how much?

Over 20% of stories published in the Spritzler Report are deemed to be marginally truthful, a 30% increase over last year.

Google News’ bias skewed even further left in 2023 — 63% from liberal media sources, only 6% from the right: analysis

By Shannon Thaler, NY Post

Published Feb. 23, 2024

Google’s already left-leaning news aggregator platform Google News skewed even more off the charts in 2023, according to a recent analysis.

Media company AllSides’ latest bias analysis found that 63% of articles that appeared on Google News over two weeks were from left-leaning media outlets — a 2% increase from 2022, when 61% of articles on the aggregator were from liberal outlets.

By contrast, the number of right-leaning news sources picked up by Google News in 2023 was 6%, a relative improvement from the paltry 3% the previous year.

After looking at roughly 500 articles curated on Google News’ homepage, AllSides found that 16% come from left-leaning CNN, while 12% came from the equally liberal New York Times.

Of the top 10 news sites Google News aggregates from, eight of them lean left — including Yahoo! News, CBS, Associated Press and NBC, according to AllSides.

The only two that don’t skew towards Democratic audiences: Reuters, which AllSides considers center, and conservative outlet Fox News.

Out of the 500 articles AllSides analyzed, just 6%, or 30, linked back to Reuters. Even less — 5%, or 25 articles — were originally posted on Fox’s website.

More concerning data showed that Google News consistently displayed articles with a left lean than right on six hotly-debated topics: abortion, climate change, economy, election, immigration and Biden.

For all search terms except “immigration,” stories aggregated from progressive outlets accounted for over half of the results, according to AllSides.

Outlets on the right never accounted for more than 12% of the results, except for the term “Biden.”

“Just because the news is aggregated from different sources does not mean you are getting the full picture of different perspectives,” AllSides concluded, noting that there was a similar pattern among other news-aggregation services, including Bing News, Apple News, NewsBreak and Yahoo! News.

Representatives for Google did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

AllSides’ findings come on the heels of another Google product — its artificial intelligence-powered text-to-image software, Gemini — being dragged on social media for rendering “absolutely woke” images.

Out of the 500 articles on Google News AllSides analyzed, the lion's share were aggregated from notoriously progressive CNN and The New York Times.

When asked to create images from simple prompts about subsets of people, Gemini spit out factually or historically inaccurate images, such as black Vikings, female popes and Native Americans among the Founding Fathers.

When asked to “create an image of a pope,” for example, rather than yielding a photo of one of the 266 pontiffs throughout history — all of them white men — Gemini provided pictures of a Southeast Asian woman and a black man wearing holy vestments.

Another query from The Post earlier this week requesting representative images of “the Founding Fathers in 1789″ was also far from reality, and pictured images of black and Native American individuals signing what appeared to be a version of the US Constitution.

Google has since admitted its AI image tool was “missing the mark,” and paused the tech.

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