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Is Singing in the rain a life changing movie? Watched for first time.

I'd read all the stupid reviews. "Greatest musical ever made", on every movie critics top 10 of all time list, perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. BFD.

Plus, I hate musicals.

Sure I'd seen Malcolms McDowell's famous rendition of "Singing..." in Clockwork Orange. Talk about depravity. (you better not watch this unless you are either a sick bastard or a Stanley Kubrick fan. I checked both boxes).

Then I watched the actual film last evening. And was blown away. In the current era where the Marvel Comic Universe & CGI dominate great cinematic achievement it's amazing to see what humans achieved 70 years ago armed only with immense talent.

Imagine having the comedic, vocal and choregraphic chops to try this short 4 minute routine(click below). Think you could pull it off? Apparently, Donald Oconner literally had to spend three days in a hospital after filming this out of exhaustion. Numerous takes.

Then there's the movie's star Debbie Reynolds who was 19 year old at the time of shoot. Yes, 19. BTW, although she was a skilled gymnast Debbie had little prior dancing experience.

Ahh, then there's the movie's director, choreographer and other star Gene Kelly. He filmed this iconic scene while suffering from a 103 degree fever at the time.

Then again, they didn't have Kim Kardashian's big ass on parade back then. Think of the possibilites if she could have appeared in the talkies!

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