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It’s time to stop the unfair, unequal madness of trans athletes destroying women’s sports

Honestly, I would have a hard time telling these two athletes apart! Except for the girl in front being "ripped".

Oh, you mean....wait? WTF!

It’s time to stop the unfair, unequal madness of trans athletes destroying women’s sports

By Piers Morgan, NY Post

Published May 20, 2024

The boos said it all.

As Aayden Gallagher crossed the finish line Saturday to become the Oregon girls’ 6A 200-meter state champion, the crowd booed loudly.

And they loudly booed again when sophomore Gallagher, from McDaniel High in Portland, stood on the podium to receive a winner’s medal.

But they cheered when the second-place runner’s name was announced.

It was a very unusual reaction to the result of a state athletic competition, yet it might turn out to be a historic one.

Because the reason Gallagher was such an unpopular winner is that the sprinter is a transgender woman born a biological male with a demonstrably superior physiology to the female competitors.

In fact, as the viral video clips from the race showed, Gallagher towered over the vast majority of the other runners, displaying a vastly greater height, power and speed that made an absolute mockery of any pretense at fairness or equality.

Gallagher won the 200 meters in 23.82 seconds, one of the fastest times in state history.

For women, that is — not for men.

The runner-up was Roosevelt sophomore Aster Jones, the younger sister of University of Oregon track standout Lily Jones and a rising star of women’s athletics, who won the 100 meters.

She would have expected to win this 200-meter race too, and indeed would have won it if not for the presence of a biological male.

It was like watching Usain Bolt compete in the women’s 200 meters and annihilating current world champion Shericka Jackson.

He’s run it in 19.19 seconds, while Jackson’s fastest time is 21.41, over two seconds slower.

That’s not because Bolt is a “better” runner, it’s because he has a bigger, stronger, faster male biology, which is why the sexes are separated in athletics.

And that’s why it’s so unfair for trans athletes to compete against women.

World Athletics has already concluded this and barred them, but many lower-level US sports bodies have been shamefully slow to follow.

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) has a policy for transgender participation in high school sports that says: “The OSAA endeavors to allow students to participate for the athletic or activity program of their consistently asserted gender identity while providing a fair and safe environment for all students … rules such as this one promote harmony and fair competition.”

New York's state Board of Regents will adopt a "gender neutral" rule for school sports -- months after Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman banned transgender girls from participating in girl's sports at county-run facilities.

NYS Board of Regents joins the woke battle to force biological boys into girls’ sports

What a load of disingenuous bulls–t.

As Gallagher’s win and the crowd’s hostile response to it proved, this absurd policy is in reality promoting the complete opposite: disharmony and unfair competition.

Gallagher has only been competing in track and field for two months, yet is already supposedly the fastest “girl” to ever come out of Portland, Ore.?

It’s a farce.

As for the supposedly “fair and safe environment” that the OSAA purports to provide with its transgender policy, Gallagher needed security at her hotel and at the athletics field during the past few days.

There was even a sheriff standing on the track in case she was attacked, such were the levels of anger building among spectators at the obvious unfairness of the situation.

Across the US, girls and their families have advocated to not allow transgender girls to compete with their daughters.

Does that sound safe to you?

One mother of another female runner in the race accused Gallagher of “taking spots away from our girls, and he doesn’t deserve it, he needs to be with the men. I don’t care if he’s transgender, you can have your own opinion and do what you want to do, but you have no right to be taking away from these girls. Their emotions matter too.”

I understand that mother’s frustration, though if Aayden Gallagher wants to be called “she,” that’s fine with me.

Trans women deserve to be treated with respect and kindness and have the same human rights to fairness and equality that the rest of us enjoy.

But what’s not fine with me is when trans rights erode or destroy the rights of women to fairness and equality, as we’re seeing happen more and more in women’s sports.

Nor when anyone who dares to challenge this nonsense is intimidated into silence.

Shockingly, the mother said a lot of parents were too afraid to speak out of fear they might breach the OSAA rules on discrimination and not just disqualify their children from competing, but get themselves banned from attending events.

“It’s not fair,” she said. “Why is it that transgender and LGBTQ (activists) have taken away so many rights for women? We have fought so hard for years, and here they are taking it from us in sports, from girls who don’t deserve it.”

I totally agree.

Nobody should remove Aayden Gallagher’s right to compete as an athlete in America.

But not against females.

What happened at Heyward Field in Oregon on Saturday cannot be allowed to keep happening, or the hopes and dreams of every athletic young girl in the country will be shattered on the altar of morally bankrupt virtue-signaling garbage.

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