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Jeff Sachs on Putin's offer to end the war. Should be negotiate?

Updated: Jun 18

Sachs is a powerhouse on US foreign policy and heads Columbia's Ctr for Sustainable Development. His reaction to Putin recently putting forth a proposal to immediately end the war and sit down at the negotiating table:

  • Putin's proposal is a very good start.

  • Is it 100% ok? Of course not...but it's a reasonable place to start and an astute good-faith effort for both sides to negotiate an end to this madness.

  • Predicably the US and Nato told him to go f-ck himself. We refuse to sit down and talk. We'd rather keep shipping weapons and let the meat grinder continue.

  • Our government is beyond ridiculous. Do I find this offensive? No, that word isn't strong enough.

  • We have no end game or plan other than indefinitely fighting a war we can't win.

Suggest you skip ahead to 2 mins 20 secs in and catch about 10 mins.

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