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Jordon Peterson gets blasted for remarks about err...fully proportioned Sport Il cover model?

As I said in yesterday's story, I'm offended this year's issue didn't feature a large dude in a Speedo. Maybe a sumo wrestler? That nasty Peterson man is very un=woke. Shame shame on him!

Jordan Peterson quits Twitter after calling plus-size model Yumi Nu’s SI Swimsuit cover ‘not beautiful’

Jane Nam, NetShark


Author Jordan Peterson announced that he was quitting Twitter after receiving backlash for calling plus-size model Yumi Nu’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover “not beautiful.”

Nu, who is also a singer-songwriter, made history last year as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s first “Asian curve” model.

Peterson sparked outrage on Monday after tweeting, “Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

Twitter users were divided, with several of his own fans condemning Peterson for publicly insulting a woman’s looks. Others shot back that Nu was overweight and unhealthy.

Peterson announced shortly after the criticism that he would be quitting Twitter due to the “endless flood of vicious insult[s].”

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