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Kass: Biden’s Guilty Smile Reveals the Malevolent Creature Within

Updated: Jun 3

Kass makes a good point. I trust the American public to decide our election more than I trust a partisan NY judge and prosecutor's office wants to sideline the Dark Lord so their man can win without competition.

Do I think Trump is a morally bankrupt idiot...yes. That doesn't mean he should not have the right to run having won the GOP primary season. Nor does it mean that Biden isn't perhaps worse for our nation.

Biden’s Guilty Smile Reveals the Malevolent Creature Within

By John Kass | June 2, 2024

One glaring feature of President Joe Biden’s raging dementia is this:

Despite the best efforts of puppet master Barack Obama and other handlers to obscure his condition, Biden keeps revealing the malevolent creature within.

The truth flashed uncontrollably the other day at the White House. Any American who saw Biden’s long, weird smirk celebrating the criminal conviction of his rival–former President Donald Trump–won’t forget it. If you care about this country you won’t forget it.

Because just then Biden admitted that he and the Democrats had crossed the Rubicon and taken all of us with them. And now there is no safe, painless, easy way of going back.

Some may try convincing themselves that it was just the smirk and smile of some harmless, witless old weirdo. But the weirdo happens to be president of the United States. He had already publicly released his Justice Department dogs and George Soros’ own New York prosecutor to take some old misdemeanors and Frankenstein them into phony felonies to get Trump.

Biden crossed the Rubicon to tear up our American understanding of impartial justice and the rule of law and replaced it with the political left’s operating theory that is common to all authoritarian regimes: The ends justify the means.

The media had an orgy over Trump’s conviction. It should have been X rated. The flesh eating harpies of “The View” wanted him sent to Rikers Island to be assaulted by street criminals. They laughed as they confessed to being so excited they were leaking. The audience cheered and cooed.

And once the American rule of law was torn by angry partisan teeth, we realized that we’re finally no different than any communist nation or some banana republic where it is routine to jail the political opposition.

Consider the image at the top of this column. He knew about using “justice” and “show trials” to imprison political opposition. In the U.S.S.R, the monstrous Lavrentiy Pavvlovich Beria ran Stalin’s secret police, and was credited with the famous phrase of all the authoritarians: “Show me the man, and I will give you the crime”

Beria was the most influential of Stalin’s secret police chiefs. He organized the massacre of tens of thousands of Polish and Romanian officers. The Deep State was refuge for him and he thrived there for decades in its wet dungeons, with bare electrical wires and the screams of generations of innocents. In those dark dungeons there must have been some captives who dreamed of a place like America where such things never happened, where political show trials would never, ever happen.

But they happen now in America, don’t they? Especially now in America, where the ruling class seeks to use “justice” to put political opponents in prison.

After Biden praised himself and began to walk shakily out of the room a reporter shouted a question:

“Mr. President, can you tell us, sir: Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly. What’s your response to that, sir?”

The video is now a Trump campaign spot. The left-leaning Axios noted that Trump campaign manager Chris LaCivita tweeted the video and labeled it “The face of corruption” — “a phrase you’ll hear again.”

We will hear it and see it. Again and again and again. And we should. Those who don’t want to watch that video, those who don’t want Americans to appreciate Biden’s creepy smile are themselves complicit.

Please consider that creepy smile once again. Consider the president smiling. It is a smile of an evil and sentimental man, a corrupt man who has opened the borders to millions of illegals, yet tells us the border is secure, a man who has spent the last 52 years of his political/public life layered in corruption and artifice and lies.

And during the eternity of that painfully long smirk and smile, the lifetime of lies fell away to reveal the creature hidden behind the artifice. It happens with dementia patients. But this is not just some aged family member. This is your president. He doesn’t “run” the country, he is too feeble minded to run anything. Obama and the Obama crew let him pretend and talk of ice cream. He is the front man. And the American people know him for what he is: A liar.

His lies are well-known yet ignored or glossed over by his allies in the leftist corporate media who protect him. Yet happily for the rest of us, The Federalist magazine has kept a list. Here are just a few of many examples: He has lied about being arrested in Soweto trying to visit the jailed South African leader Nelson Mandela. He lied about the fatal crash that took the life of his wife, and compounded that lie by alleging that the truck driver was drunk. The driver was not drunk.

He has lied about fighting off the fabricated black street gang leader “Corn Pop,” waging epic battle with a length of chain as if he were some heroic Delaware version of el Cid. He lied that he drove an 18-wheeler, lied about his uncle having been eaten by cannibals in the South Pacific.

Biden lied that he didn’t know a thing about his son Hunter selling the Biden family name in illegal influence peddling schemes with China, Ukraine and other nations. He lied that he never met Hunter’s business partners. He lied that he didn’t know anything about the laptop from hell.

He didn’t know a thing about how more than 50 American intelligence officials signed that mysterious letter dismissing the Hunter laptop as Russian disinformation. It wasn’t Russian disinformation. It was true. But the compliant leftist American corporate media protected him–and attacked, and ignored the true story in the New York Post–rather than let Americans read it for themselves. And the titans of social media helped him bury that laptop story right before the last election.

He has told a lifetime of lies. The American media has gone out of its way to carry his water. And now that the American justice system has been weaponized, as if it were a criminal court on the edge of Chinatown, or Central American banana republic or some jail in Belarus, can we just hop back across the Rubicon and pretend nothing has happened?

Or will some red-state prosecutor in some conservative jurisdiction indict Joe Biden and his crew out of office? Will the media like that?

“I think these Trump trials, and this one in particular shows we have now opened the door to the weaponization of our justice system, against political opponents, and that genie is not going to easily be put back in the bottle,” said my friend Tom Bevan, president and co-founder of Real Clear Politics on my podcast The Chicago Way that I co-host with WGN executive producer Jeff Carlin.

“Part of this is you can argue, that part of this simply unique to Trump. The dems have an absolute fever and are willing to do whatever is necessary, any means necessary, to take him down.”

Bevan says that Americans may believe that once Trump is “gone off the scene, weather he’s acquitted, convicted, and weather he wins election, or loses the election, whether he’s here for another four years or four months, when he’s gone that we will revert to the mean, and some of these excesses will ebb away and we’ll go back to something more normal.”

But you once these precedents have been set and if Joe Biden wins re-election, Bevan asks:

“What’s going to stop a red state attorney general who wants to make a name for themselves to do what Alvin Bragg did, and invent these novel charges and move things from misdemeanors to up to felonies and use legal theories to concoct something, and get a red state attorney general to indict Joe Biden or Hunter Biden or anyone else?”

Many of us have asked that.

“Once you’ve crossed that Rubicon that seems it’ll become the rule rather than the exception,” Bevan said. “A terrible terrible thing for this country. It’s what a lot of us have been screaming about and warning about for years: Don’t do this because the shoe will be found on the other foot.”

As the American political left celebrated the taking down of Trump, there were perhaps a few who could see the inevitable counter reformation to come. Those who understand human nature might see what’s coming. But most of the left didn’t want to take a look at the bed they had made for themselves. They praised themselves and prattled on and on about their precious rule of law, ignoring the fact that they had grabbed the tomahawks, leaving the opposition no other choice than to grab tomahawks for themselves.

They were too full of chatter on and on about “truth” in politics. But to my mind they really don’t want to see the truth.

But the truth of where Joe Biden has taken the country was written all over his face.

It was in that eerie smile, it was written in the hollows of what once were his eyes, as he smiled that weird smile, finally, unwittingly having acknowledged the truth, that he and his puppet master Barack Obama have dragged America across that Rubicon.

And there is no easy, painless way for us to return home.


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