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Kass crushing again. The left Wing Hysterics of Chicago.

Boss Preckwinle who selects our Mayor, Chief Prosecutor and basically runs the machinery of Chicago Government...that is into the ground. Kass explains in a way that few can. Love this guy.

Criminal (In)Justice The Chicago Way: What Left Wing Hysterics Get Wrong

By John Kass

December 1, 2023

Before we get to the interview of Rafael Mangual and his fine book “Criminal (In)Justice”— the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who cares about the Soros prosecutors unleashing violent crime to hollow out Chicago and other once-great cities—consider the mad ravings of today’s left-wing Democrats:

Poor things.

Their permissive crime policy allows them to use race to appeal for votes. But rather than feel warm and fuzzy, voters are afraid. And the politicians have no answers for the anarchy and chaos they’ve released.

And so, they’ve drifted into jabbering madness.

Because when it comes to crime, there is something pitiful about partisan left-wingers who are getting mugged by reality and their own pro-crime policies.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is one of these. They deny the truth of their policy that protect criminals at the expense of the people, and they crack like old bone china when the people push back.

Another of these is Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

They literally lose their minds when confronted by the limits of their supposed magical powers.

Pritzker, consumed by his fantasy of perhaps running for president of the United States, insists crime is down as the 2024 Democrat Convention in Chicago approaches. It is not down.

But his nonsense prompted the venerable crime site CWB Chicago to ask: What is our governor smoking?

And Johnson rants hysterically about those racist MAGA Republicans ruining his city. He’s the dim-witted creature of Cook County Democrat boss Toni Preckwinkle.

Boss Toni is the champion of one of the first Soros prosecutors, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Boss Toni also elevated Johnson to the office of mayor, in revenge against her rival, former Mayor Lori the Clueless.

When it comes to violent crime, Boss Toni is directly responsible for the near empty jail, the non-prosecutor Foxx and Johnson who helped destroy the Chicago Police Department. Yet Boss Toni is hardly (if ever) mentioned by Chicago’s now supine leftist corporate media. Instead they carry her water.

Odd that Johnson rants and raves about those MAGA Republicans destroying the city. He is shielded by the media from his own failures, and hers. Screaming about the Republicans is bizzarro world. Republicans haven’t had power in Chicago for 100 years.

Brandon Johnson is clearly racist, feeble, unable to govern, devoid of ideas yet wholly reliant on Marxist slogans. And besides, as I’ve reported before with those panic attacks, he’s bat poop kookoo.

Johnson blamed former Mayor Lori Lightfoot for his failures. And he blamed those racist white men, sounding rather like Jessie Smollett and all the race hustlers.

“It is abysmal and it’s an affront for everything that is good about this country, for the extremism in this country to use people as political tools to settle political scores for something that happened 400 years ago…”

Abysmal? Big word Brandon.

“They’re still mad that a black man is free in this country,” the mayor said. “This is nothing new.”

And you were a teacher? No wonder society is in the crapper with teachers like you.

It is nothing new that a political hack, a failure as a mayor, a cynical toady for Boss Toni would play the politics of race. It worked for Toni. It worked for Kim Foxx.

President Joe Biden has also played vulgar racial politics repeatedly and has been protected and coddled by the corporate legacy media. And black politicians have used the race card for years to leverage fortunes as did Jesse Jackson, aka The King of Beers.

But even if I disagree with you, I’d hope to be civilized, like a member of one of the Civilized Tribes.

At the Thom Serafin Christmas Party, the guests were indeed civilized. Kim Foxx was there. We were civil. We did not whip out the tomahawks. We took a selfie together and reporter Shia Kapos made a nice story of it for Politico.

At Thom Serafin’s party, we sheath our swords. It’s like the story of the Christmas truce in 1914 in the deep forests of Belgium in World War I.

Kim Foxx was saying “John, Bless your heart.” Still, I was mercilessly attacked by a few conservatives, including radio host Dan Proft, who wounded me by accusing me of being a Fifth Columnist inside the perimeter.

“What were you supposed to do, fight a duel?” asked the Manhattan Institute’s Rafael Mangual. Exactly.

As I mentioned at the outset, I reached out for clarity’s sake to Mangual, our guest on this week’s edition of the Chicago Way podcast.

Mangual went to law school at DePaul, lived in Humbolt Park, writes for City Journal and is a senior fellow for the Manhattan Institute.

He is no stranger to The Chicago Way. He also knows who’s piloting this ship of fools. I wouldn’t waste your time otherwise. He knows.

And he’s written an excellent book—perfect for Christmas that begins in Chicago and explains the Soros prosecutor phenomenon.

“Criminal (In)Justice: What the Push for Decarceration and Depolicing Gets Wrong and Who It Hurts Most

Criminal (In)Justice: What the Push for Decarceration and Depolicing Gets Wrong and Who It Hurts Most: Mangual, Rafael A.: 9781546001522: Books

We talked of the policy leaders shrieking the old song, that if you’re opposed to the Soros way, you’re a racist.

“If everyone’s told time and again that that the criminal justice system is racist. That policing is racist. That incarceration is racist. Well, good people are gonna have a hard time pushing back on that, especially if, they have careers that they care about and families that they care about and lives to live and, communities to stay on the right side of, et cetera. But it really is a pernicious claim. And, there’s quite a few holes in it.”

I let Mangual do most of the talking. He’s a supremely intelligent and measured fellow. He reviles the vulgar appeal to race and power politics. He takes the racial arguments that seek to defund police and shrink the county jail, and he pulls them apart with reason, facts and statistics that show real policing, and real sentencing, which can help the most victimized Chicagoans live longer.

I hope you listen to the whole thing–that’s why I linked it here. I know you have other things to do, but I hope understanding why a great city is dying might be one of those things.

At one point we talked about that poor young woman–the 23-year-old flight attendant–whose face was smashed in by a brutal savage on North Michigan Avenue, at the Burberry store. I wrote about it.

“It’s not like this woman was, walking through Humbolt Park, at midnight on a Saturday with $100 bill taped to her forehead and a Rolex on her wrist, right? This is Magnificent Mile in the middle of the day,” Mangual said, police all around. The height of civilization. And when that can happen then and there it just hits different, as the kids would say. It creates a deeper sense of insecurity. And if that sense of insecurity metastasizes. I think people would be surprised just how quickly a space like the Mag Mile can lose its luster.”

He didn’t have to say it will disappear. Every savage attack, every unanswered beating of a taxpayer by some screaming mob pushes the Mag Mile to the edge. And when it goes, the empty spaces are all the tax revenue lost to hire cops.

But by then George Soros will be gone. The billionaire nitwit Gov. J.B. Pritzker making up his lies will be gone. And race-hustling Mayor Johnson, and Toni Preckwinkle and Kim Foxx. And the once-great papers.

And Chicago.

It’ll be gone too.

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