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Kass crushing this morning

President Biden: Sin Eater for the Democrats

By John Kass

October 19, 2022

The Jeff Bezos Post constantly reminds us that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

But dying is a hungry business.

And with Democrats worried about that projected Red Wave mid-term election in November, President Joe Biden opted for ice cream the other day in a Baskin Robbins in Oregon. There, he bleated out some economic gibberish that even he doesn’t believe.

“Our economy is strong as hell,” the president Biden told reporters.

Yeah Joe, sure.

Americans find themselves crushed between high gas prices, and a terrible recession.

Add to this rising violent crime—and Democrat efforts to get rid of cash bail for violent offenders—and it should be no surprise that independent women voters have flipped from Democrats to Republicans, according to several news polls. All of this is courtesy of Biden and his Democrats.

Believe the polls, don’t believe the polls, believe in liberal pundits who kept screaming and gaslighting you. Or, call me names and clench your tiny leftist fists in rage, or don’t. It makes no difference to me.

A Red Wave mid-term election is coming.

And Biden will be blamed. He’ll wear the jacket for November. His own party will stitch it for him, and soon they’ll be demanding his head and that of his son. He’ll eat it all, just like his ice cream because he doesn’t have a choice.

He’ll become his party’s sin eater. What else can he do?

He’ll just sit there, spouting more gibberish, and eat his party’s sins like some creature in 18th Century Wales or England or Ireland among those who knew of the strange ways of the sin eaters:

Their world was superstition, ignorance, violence, cold stones, poverty and starvation all around. Yet there was a means to avoid starvation. You became a sin eater. In the house of the dead, the family of the dead would put out bread and roasts and wine. The sin eater would consume them and consume the sins of the dead.

Biden is the sin eater of the 2022 mid-term. He’ll consume the party’s sins so it can move on, whether he likes it or not.

Democrats are already running away from him; he’s not wanted in contested states. What does that tell you? Former President Barack Obama might still be compelled to play the Black Jesus and save his party, but remember it was also Obama who said, “don’t underestimate Biden’s ability to f— things up.”

There’s really not much else Biden can do with prognosticators pointing to a red wave in November. He’ll be the sin eater for the Democrats.

The Jacobin leftists who dominate the Democrat Party certainly won’t blame themselves. They won’t confess to driving up gas prices by ordering their hapless fool of a president to kill the Keystone Pipeline and a stop on drilling. The left wanted to use environmental panic as a means of economic and social control.

And while confession is a step toward redemption, the hard political left confesses nothing.

Would they confess to demanding Biden not enforce the Southern border, allowing millions of illegal immigrants to cross the border, along with tons of Chinese made fentanyl to poison Americas young people?

No, they won’t.

Will the left confess to triggering the current American violent crime wave with their defund-the-police movement and encouraging all Democrats and corporate funders to embrace the Black Lives Matter riots that glorified the criminal George Floyd?

Floyd himself was a criminal, a drug addict who was recast as heroic, and who was himself the victim of a Minneapolis police murder. Once Democrats glorified Floyd and embraced the BLM riots that destroyed big city downtowns, violent crime was unleashed like a genie that Democrats now can’t stuff back in the bottle. They used those BLM “mostly peaceful” riots of theirs to galvanize the 2020 Democratic vote, as cities and businesses were torched.

Lawlessness grew from the riots, as leftist billionaire George Soros elected his cadre of non-prosecution prosecutors. Soft-on-crime Democrats prosecutors became as leftist gods, but they lost what they could not afford to lose: independent women voters.

About they only place where soft-on-crime Democrats prosper is Illinois, where Gov. JB Pritzker and his many left wing media allies condemn as racists all those who dare criticize his no-cash bail law known as the Safe-T Act that is opposed by 100 of the 102 county prosecutors in Illinois.

Nationally, just a month ago, independent women voters supported Democrats by a 14 percentage points as the Democrat Party and their handmaidens of the media thumped the abortion drum. But people don’t get an abortion every day.

However, most Americans do buy gas every day. They cut back on food for their kids to afford gas to get to work. This is a gas and groceries election now, and Biden and the Democrats are on the wrong side of the equation. If Americans don’t buy gas to get to work, they take public transportation. Yet public transportation means going underground in New York and Chicago where violent predators wait. They’re afraid of becoming victims of violent crime. And they don’t very much like being called names.

According to a New York Times/Siena College poll, there has been a flip. Female independent voters who supported the Democrats by 14 points now favor the Republicans by 18 points. This is an amazing reversal in just weeks.

What can Biden do about it? Nothing. He’ll wear the jacket. His own party will protect themselves, blame him and demand his head. And his son’s head.

The Democrats will look for new leadership. Old Joe should get into a boat, sit high atop a pile of dry tinder and oiled wood, float away and burn. A stirring Viking funeral would be preferable to the weeping of Jake Tapper on CNN.

They played identity politics and put all their money on abortion and now realize it was a mistake. What do people do when they make a terrible mistake? They double down.

The temptation will be to think Democrats will mature, but all their aggressive 2024 candidates aren’t about to abandon the woke agenda. The base of the Democrat party are unhinged Jacobins, the same type that populate dying American newsrooms.

They’ll double down on woke.

With the corporate legacy media now the handmaidens of the Democrat Party they will all go along. The problem facing the Democrats is what to do about 2024, and Joe Biden will be their sacrifice.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in the world of the sin eaters, but as a boy I was fascinated by Welsh and Scottish folk tales and the early stories of the Arthurian legend from Cornwall. I poked around into corners I should have left alone. And I watched a classic old “Night Gallery” episode on sin eaters. Richard Thomas, who would later wish Americans a good night as John-Boy Walton became a sin eater and was damned.

Some say the meal of most sin eaters was a biscuit set on the face of the dead, and a glass of wine to the side, and these would fill with the sins of the deceased to be consumed by others. The histories are murky. The strange practice travelled to the Americas, with some Scots/Irish immigrants, the same folk who killed bears and Indians, and conquered the North American continent. explored and became mountain men and pioneers.

But that doesn’t tell me anything real about sin eaters, any more than watching “Welcome to Wrexham” makes me a Welsh soccer expert. It’s a good show, but that’s about it.

And does the Democrat left even believe in sin? They have their own religion now.

In the meantime, I suppose I’ll just watch those hideous flesh-eating harpies on “The View” weep for the next few weeks. An obnoxious hag from mythology, Joy Behar publicly says she’s depressed and feels like crying.

But I wonder whether Susan Rice, the liar of Benghazi and Obama’s puppet master in the Biden White House, would ever pick up a biscuit set on Old Joe’s face.

Probably not.

And her kind always survives.

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