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Kass: Dem Panic: Biden Reverses Himself on Trump’s Border Wall

Kass crushing as usual! Ironically before Trump proposed a border wall, the Dems lead by Pelosi supported one about 10 years earlier.

BTW, the largest cohort of immigrants coming to the US now are from Venezuela. Several sources contend that Maduro has emptied his jails to save money on the condition that freed gang members and other thugs head for points North. I'm sure that's untrue. Nothing to worry about.

Dem Panic: Biden Reverses Himself on Trump’s Border Wall

by John Kass

October 6, 2023

In an amazing reversal, President Joe Biden and the Democrats now support a Trump border wall in the hopes of stopping, or at least curtailing, illegal immigration that is overwhelming America and threatening Democrat politicians.

Biden once adamantly opposed Trump immigration policy. He vowed not one foot of wall would be built while he was president. He dismantled Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policies that were once successful.

But now, never mind?

As Biden’s paid liar and stooge Karine Jean-Pierre spun her fantasy protecting Biden, I thought I could hear the tiny scratching of dung beetles trying to cover up what Biden had just done, and burying it. But it couldn’t work.

Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas had publicly cited an “acute and immediate need” to waive dozens of federal laws to build a border wall in Texas.

What was this “acute and immediate” need?

Simply put, Democrats had lost control of the argument with voters, and key Democrat voting groups were in revolt in the cities. Black Democrats rightfully complained that that they were being passed over again, forced by Democratic politicians to hold open the door for illegal immigrants who were replacing them and pushing them and their children aside.

This clearly put massive pressure on Democrats in Congress and Biden panicked.

The administration had put a halt to new border wall construction, after Biden had promised that there would “not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration.”

Biden White House mouthpieces and media shills sought to minimalize the president’s policy reversal with spin, although the president’s people seemed as if they were confusing themselves. The administration said wall construction under the Trump administration was “just one example of the prior administration’s misplaced priorities and failure to manage migration in a safe, orderly and humane way” but that seemed comical with Democrat mayors whining and caterwauling like wet angry cats dumped into the Rio Grande.

Trump is now rightfully demanding an apology. He should get one but he won’t get one. But the policy reversal is proof enough that Biden panicked and cracked all over his promise never to build a foot of that wall. Now he’s building miles of it.

It was Biden who opened the border that allowed millions of illegals to cross and overwhelm the cites. It was Biden whose porous border allowed the Mexican drug cartels to smuggle Chinese made fentanyl that killed more than 100,000 young Americans last year alone. Before he took office–as the corporate legacy media was suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal to help protect and elect Biden–and before the Republican Congress uncovered that Biden Inc corruption allowed the Biden family to take in tens of millions of dollars in bribes from corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party and elsewhere.

Yet Biden could stand all that, as long as he was being protected by corrupt corporate legacy media.

What Biden could not stand was black voters in revolt, threatening to bolt to the GOP, with media actually doing its job and reporting the news that the border was in chaos.

As I’ve written before, it was Biden who reversed Trumps stay in Mexico policy. He and his press agents mocked and ridiculed those of us who know that borders are essential if you hope to have a country. Biden had ceded power on the border issue to the hard political left, which loathes everything America stands for and does not consider borders a priority.

But the policy changed when black Democrats realized they were being passed over for illegal immigrants. Without black voters there is no Democrat Party. New York Mayor Eric Adams flew to Mexico with a plea, “We are at capacity,” although with Biden already having opened the door wide, it’s too late and the surge continues. Black Democrats threatening to bolt increased Democrat panic.

For example, the ineffectual Chicago Mayor Brendan Johnson, who governs as something of a bizarre Bolshevik cartoon with crackpot plans to open government run grocery stores, cracked and panicked when asked when he’d visit the border. He began spouting nonsensical gibberish and apparently forgot that just the other day he was publicly teaching white lefty voters to shout “shut the fuck up” to Johnson’s critics.

Johnson said he’d visit the border soon–something Biden avoided for years–but he had other things on his mind, like his kids and soccer.

“Look I’m still running a major city! I have children who attend schools, we have soccer games y’all. You all are asking me as if I’m not a parent in this city. I get it. I’m mayor. I get it. But you’re asking me to give you a date, and I have to coordin–do you understand that you have not had a mayor like me? I get that.

“I have a wife. I have children. They have schedules and plus, we still have public safety that we have to address. We still have the unhoused we have to address. I still have a budget I have to address. And I’m doing all that with a black wife raising three black children on the west side of the city of Chicago. I am going to the border as soon as possible! But I have to coordinate that with running the government and making sure that my wife and children are secure as well”

I haven’t heard a mayoral rant like that since Rich Daley went full Mayor Chucky and Mayor Queeg over the loss of his strawberries. At at least Daley could govern. But Johnson is a joke.

If it’s too tough, he might start crying and quit.

So what do we make of this reversal of epic, nay biblical proportions, and the Biden White House trying to convince Americans that this is nothing new?

When the president’s mouthpieces speak on this, and lie to the American people saying it isn’t a reversal of policy, please consider the lowly dung beetle. It amuses itself by rolling dung and burying its prize.

Because that’s what this is: a high-profile dung rolling exhibition by the President of the United States. And now he’s not only asking Americans to enjoy his exhibition, but he wants Americans to smile and put it on crackers and eat it. Karin Jean-Pierre is eating it, and Democrat shills and pro-Biden media types are eating it.

But most Americans don’t make a habit of eating that crap.

It was Biden who called for the surge. He sent out the call to the world to surge the border. He got rid of Trump’s wall and Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy that the socialists dismiss by calling it racist. And desperate migrants heard Biden’s call as a promise that his arms would be as wide open as our southern border. His wish came true.

Now Biden owns it. All of it.

And the best laid plans of men, mice and dung beetles…well, they don’t really put it on crackers, do they?

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