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Kass gets the battle right, but is he missing the war?

Kass is right to dump on the Safe-T-Act. It's dumb and backed by a host of corrupt/inept Illinois officials (Preckwinkle at the top of the heap).

But what he fails to go nuts over? If you don't like the person responsible for this lunacy, youe'r are completely out of luck. Because Pritzker's hand picked his opponent a ring-wing whack job that nobody with a brain would possibly vote for.

In most states, if you don't like a progressive at the helm, you have an alternative to vote for. Not in Illinois. When voters lose voting choice because of corrupt shenanigans I call that tyranny by another name. Perhaps Kass might want to take a deep dive into this subject.

Illinois Democrats: Repeal Your “Safe-T Act” Now. Protect the People Before Serving Yourselves

By John Kass

September 30, 2022

With the November elections just weeks away, Illinois Democratic Party officials are panicking. Why?

Democrat bosses know why. Their SAFE-T ACT. That’s why.

As violent crime increases across the country, the American people grow increasingly angry with the clique of soft-on-crime prosecutors elected by Democrats with the help of billionaire George Soros in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere. And in all those blue areas that are becoming hotbeds of anarchy, as the people worry about becoming a victim, a voter backlash is coming.

Even in blue Illinois, where many voters have already been conditioned to authority and broken like Pavlov’s Dog. But not all of them. Many are rightfully concerned and angry about the SAFE-T ACT, the Democrats’ idiotic and dangerous new soft-on-crime law that will do away with cash bail. Because according to Democrat and Republican prosecutors, the law will open the doors of the jails and allow violent offenders to prey on the people.

The Democrats own this one. They should be worried. And today I want to give you what worries them: the official Illinois government roll call of this dangerous and stupid law, so all voters can decide before casting their ballots. And, to make it more difficult for politicians to blow smoke at the voters just click on the official state government link, and see how they voted. Take a printout with you when you vote. And know this–they will use their media mouthpieces and all their honeyed words to confuse you.

Here is the Illinois Senate roll call vote. And here is the Illinois House roll call vote.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker proudly signed the SAFE-T ACT and thought it would help him campaign for president. Attorney General Kwame Raoul–the state’s top law enforcement officer–monitored its progress and did nothing to stop it. And Illinois House Speaker Chris Welch got it passed in the wee hours of the morning hours without much debate, a rush job given that few Democrats who voted for it actually read the thing. And the clowns in the state senate did the same.

And now Pritzker is desperate and plays the race card against critics of his no-bail bill. And the others are spinning, furiously, invoking starving children and grown-ups compelled to steal loaves of bread to keep them alive, as if Illinois was the France of Les Misérables.

Who would try such a Les Misérables spin? Politicians who love baguettes? No. Politicians who think voters are stupid. Politicians who think you’re idiots, hapless fools, a bunch of chumbolones, that’s who. They laugh at you. But since you’re reading this here at you are not a chumbolone. You’re in the no chumbolone zone, my friends.

Yet there is one way Illinois Democrats can protect themselves from angry voters to show they’re on the side of the people. All they’ve to do is just one simple, direct thing:

Repeal the SAFE-T ACT, before the November elections, and demand that Pritzker agree, and he’ll agree.

Just humble themselves and eat a few platters of steaming hot crow. Now. No wiggling. No spinning. Decide before the November 8 elections first, so the people can decide about you. They don’t need more smoke blown at them. Repeal it, then get back to work, write another bill, hash it all out deliberately in public in the light of day, not secretly in the wee hours after midnight in January, so the people can see the agendas.

And skip the rush-job with an 800-page bill lawmakers didn’t read. And don’t tell us you don’t have the time. All it would take is an emergency meeting, a quick emergency vote and you’re done. Think of it as a campaign stunt that would actually work. Who’d be upset? The criminals?

Will they eat some crow and protect the people, serve the people before serving themselves? Or will they ignore the people and stick their heads in the sand, expecting voters to eat what the political class has been giving them year after year? I don’t think crow tastes like chicken.

And you know what happens to creatures who bury their heads in the sand so deep that their back end sticks up, vulnerably available for kicking, like the politician in the suit in the photo at the top of this column.

Now they’re trying to convince you that they’ve already made changes to the law. But that’s not quite true. That’s an intention. They’ve talked about making changes, but really, all they’ve done is dance and preen. They’re masters of the preening arts.

“In the House we’ve already passed three trailer bills for the SAFE-T Act, three. That’s what democracy looks like” preened House Speaker Chris Welch at the City Club.

No Mr. Welch. That isn’t democracy. That’s playing find-the-pea with voters as if they’re the rubes you’re about to fleece at the state fair. Passing a few “trailer” bills doesn’t end the SAFE-T ACT. All they do is give you cover, if media wants to play along. And in Illinois, legacy corporate media plays along.

“Sometimes people make a mistake. And they do it out of desperation,” Welch said at the City Club. “They steal a loaf of bread, they steal some food to feed their kids. Sitting in a county jail because they can’t afford bail. What’s fair about that? What’s just about that? While a murderer who can afford bail walks free…”

Mr. Speaker, please stick a loaf of good crusty Jean Valjean bread under your arm when you run off to eat that steaming crow. Or eat it without the carbs. Just eat it.

But democracy doesn’t look like that Mr. Speaker. Here’s what it really looks like in Illinois: Welch makes his wife a Cook County judge, and passes the SAFE-T ACT pleasing Cook County Board President Boss Toni Preckwinkle, a well known judge-picker and her protegee Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and SAFE-T ACT supporter. Oh, and Welch’s wife was ruled not-qualified by a state bar group according to a WBEZ story by Dan Mihalopoulos.

Nice one Mr. Speaker.

Pritzker says he wants to move slowly. “We have to figure out what works and what we can get through the legislature,” he said.

His Republican opponent, conservative farmer State Sen. Darren Bailey called him out.

“JB Pritzker has the supermajority,” an exasperated Bailey told NBC Chicago. “Why hasn’t he called the legislature into action? Literally a text or a phone call, we could be demanded to meet in Springfield within a few hours. Why aren’t we meeting tomorrow at 9 o’clock hammering this thing out?”

Why hasn’t he called the legislature? Because he doesn’t want to eat crow before the election. And he’d rather put the people at risk than humble himself to protect them.

I’m not against bail. And I don’t want the poor denied bail while the wealthy murderers walk free. Every American charged with a crime has the right to bail. But repeat violent offenders don’t have a right to “electronic monitoring” or some other hug from Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans, as the offenders walk free and commit violent crime.

And repeat violent offenders don’t have the right to benefit from the hard-left’s liberation theology while the people, the voters are put into danger by these severe social justice ideologues.

If Illinois Democrats don’t repeal the SAFE-T ACT within the next few days, before the Nov. 8 elections, it’s proof they’d rather put their own heads in the sand while putting their own voters at risk.


(Copyright 2022 John Kass)

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