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Kass: NPR, Our Federal Tax Dollars for Marxist News & Partisan Censorship

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NPR: Our Federal Tax Dollars for Marxist News, Partisan Censorship and Pan Flutes?

By John Kass

April 21, 2024

As a life-long, big city newsman so focused on work that my musical choices involved only news radio jingles, I no longer enjoy listening to news on the radio. Why?

Because it’s mostly biased corporate leftist crap, and I keep fretting about whether Alexander Soros has purchased this local news station or that one and bent its newsroom to his daddy’s will as if they were the once-thriving Cambodian middle class.

Meanwhile cable TV news is so full of snickering liberal rage, and pouty left-wing news presenters with epic hair, that I can’t stand it.

But I’ve come up with a positive alternative:

National People’s Radio.

Que the Pan flutes and the bird sounds from the Amazon rain forest. Yes, the time has come.

And, added plus, “free” public television with programming set up by a corporate board of prominent American conservatives including the scholar Victor Davis Hanson, radio broadcaster Dan Proft, Tom Bevan co-founder of Real Clear Politics and University of Chicago Professor Emeritus Charles Lipson.

For example, we’d have President Joe Biden, accompanied by those Pan Flutes playing the theme of Cmdr. McBragg, telling the story of Joe’s heroic Uncle Ambrose being devoured by cannibals in New Guinea. Whether it happened or not. You can’t make omelets without breaking a few eggs, right Walter Duranty?

And lengthy panel discussions on “It’s the Economy Stupid” about how much things cost at the store, what they cost now and how great things were BJ (Before Joe) and droll comedies from Britain on the humorous antics of liberal chumbolones, and sad dramas from Britain about sad middle-class depressives.

We’ll have sports too, from 24-hour fly fishing to 24-hour soccer that often ends 0-0, and city apartment terriers killing alley rats.

We’ll call that one about the rat-killer “Prince of the City” along with a kid’s cartoon show on the heroic “Prince” protecting a multi-racial family from cartoon rats.

To fund it all, we’ll invoke a complicated hidden federal tax scheme replete with complicated grants and call it just a bunch of “grants” that are all much too intricate for Americans to bother about in Congress. So I hope you’ll never get to the bottom of it and the money keeps flowing in to support my elitist fly-fishing documentaries and scoreless soccer.

Wait a minute. You don’t think Americans should pay for red-blooded rat hunting sports and right-wing comedies on the death of the citizen and fly-fishing stories with corporate “sponsorships” to entertain a tiny fraction of the population?

Buzz off, fascist.

Oh and if Congress dares even think about cutting our funds, we’ll unleash the dogs—talking puppet dogs and real dogs—aimed at those hateful Congresspersons.

Think about it.

What member of Congress wants to seek re-election having starved “Prince” to death with voters listening to tearful voice overs by Edie Falco?

Why not force all American taxpayers to subsidize my own conservative world view and call it all “Public Broadcasting?”

This has worked well for decade upon decade with National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting constantly skewing the news and public discourse to the left and then farther to the left, presenting slithering fake corporate conservatives like David Brooks, and there did not seem any chink in their progressive armor.

Until now.

Because now they’ve been fully exposed. And all that’s left are the tears of the clowns.

And the only ones who worry about them are the chumbolones. But you’re not some idiot to be snickered at and mocked. You’re no chumbolone.

First came that scathing essay in the left-of-center news site “The Free Press” by longtime NPR business editor Uri Berliner on “How NPR Lost America’s Trust.” I highly recommend that you read it. So, I link to it here.

Berliner has since resigned rather than be subject to humiliation and pain of endless struggle sessions led by NPR boss Kathleen Maher.

Welcome to the club, Uri.

Maher has been unrelenting in hurling her left-wing bias and woke screeds across the internet while boasting about censoring news she disagrees with. I love that photo of her, a Karen outdoors, with her Joe Biden hat on, all masked up. Outdoors.

She’s become a living parody of an elite left-wing flesh-eating shrew. Some internet fearmongers are suggesting that Maher is a creation, a consortium of various. Sadly she’s none of these things. She’s real, a left wing raptor with her claws deep into what used to be American Free Speech.

The conservative journalist Christopher Rufo has chronicled Maher’s ridiculous screeching, as has the liberal writer Matt Taibbi, and many others.

She’s the smoked fish at the brunch table, and people of all stripes come up and take pieces of her, but now she’s going bad.

“Exclusive: All Things Considered, Lawmakers Say It’s Time to Defund NPR” says the headline in my favorite news magazine, The Federalist.

Is it time to defund NPR?


Now is the time.

Uri Berliner’s essay hit many of the points that drives me crazy about the insufferable leftist corporate media:

The suppression and government sponsored censorship of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story. The constant repetition of the Hilary Clinton hoax that the 2016 election was stolen by the Russians and that Trump was a Putin stooge, for starters.

The New York Post broke the story on Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell. The Post’s great columnist Miranda Devine wrote the book on the “Laptop from Hell.”

I pushed to write columns about it. This was met with icy stares or outright groans from editors at “the paper.” I’m so glad I took the buyout and got the hell out.

“National Public Radio’s managing editor, Terrence Samuel, guaranteed he’ll leave an immortal legacy of NPR as National Jester Radio, the national broadcast clown car with this quote about why leftist NPR ignored the most important story in decades.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” Samuel said. “And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was . . . a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.”

“Of course you don’t. Shake that rattle stick Terry, the stick jesters often carry.”

After killing that legitimate story at NPR, Samuel the Medieval Jester went over to the equally left-wing and pathetically juvenile USA Today. Its opinion section is primary school for illiterate Jacobins.

And before Kathleen Maher was railing against white patriarchy and Trump, she was CEO of Wikipedia and her claws sank themselves deep into the First Amendment. She said it was a “mistake” to allow Wikipedia to to be “free and open.” And so, like some media Cruella DeVille, she worked to crush it. Larry Sanger, co-creator of Wikipedia was horrified. He told Christopher Rufo in “City Journal” that Maher’s leftist zeal sickened him.

Larry Sanger: “The bias of Wikipedia, the fact that certain points of view have been systematically silenced, is nothing new. I’ve written about it myself. But I did not know just how radical-sounding Katherine Maher is. For the ex-CEO of Wikipedia to say that it was somehow a mistake for Wikipedia to be “free and open,” that it led to bad consequences—my jaw is on the floor. I can’t say I’m terribly surprised that she thinks it, but I am surprised that she would say it.”

What Katherine Maher did to Wikipedia has shocked and depressed him.

The time has passed for wondering if the left will ever release its claws on so called National Public Radio or “public television.” These are caves where the raptors live, and they are consumed by contempt for the American middle class.

But I don’t think we should be compelled to pay for their corrosive fantasies with our tax dollars.

They laugh at us. They don’t think you can ever stop them. But you can. You can end the snickering of the left. Put Big Bird into a pot of hunter’s stew, seasoned with allspice, cinnamon and loaded with onions.

You can stop NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from ridiculing you and your family. They might act as if they’re state-owned media, but they’re not Pravda, this isn’t Stalinist Russia, they don’t have real power over you. Not yet.

You’re Americans, not rabbits. Stand up to them.

Let Congress know you’re tired of being abused over the “public” airwaves.

Defund NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting now.

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