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Kass: On the midterm elections

As usual Kass is spot on, except he continues to forget one thing. The Dem machine he now loathes would be easily sent packing but for the foolish overturn of Roe v Wade. He refuses to recognize this and the fact that Americans don't like the Gov dictating how they live.

Will Media Clean Biden’s Carpet Before Mid-Terms?

By John Kass

September 18, 2022

When a puppy embarrasses himself and his mistress by leaving a “surprise present” on the clean carpet just as guests arrive, the last thing the pup needs is for everyone to surround him and comment on his bad manners.

All the poor pup wants to do is slink away and forget, which in his case takes about, oh, 5 seconds.

But with the mid-term elections approaching, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shipped illegal immigrants to Obamaland (Martha’s Vineyard), Chicago, New York and other deep-blue cities and blue states where Democrats prize themselves on ignoring federal immigration laws.

The two Republican governors fed President Joe Biden and the Democrats what amounts to hideous tasting sandwich of what the puppy left behind, with extra helpings of hypocrisy sauce. This forced legacy corporate media to finally cover a subject Biden wants to avoid–his failure to maintain a secure Southern border.

This led to days and days of hideous shrieking, whining, foot stomping, crying and other hysterical temper tantrums by blue-state blue-city politicians, especially mayors like Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, and other Democrat elites. Democrats talk and talk about how much they love the rule of law.

But they leave the border wide open, and they didn’t push to prosecute Black Lives Matter rioters who destroyed American cities just two summers ago, causing death of innocents and billions of damage to businesses.

Democrats and their allies in corporate media have long championed the breakdown of the rule of federal immigration law by championing “Sanctuary Cities.” But Abbott and DeSantis rubbed their noses in it. Chicago is a “Sanctuary City” and true to form, Mayor Lightfoot displayed her rampant hypocrisy by shipping the new migrant arrivals out to the suburbs. They’re all perfect hypocrites. Were Lightfoot or her fellow local hypocrites criticized by local media? Of course not. The editorial boards wouldn’t dare. They’re all on the same woke team now.

Now Democrats are growling with hackles up, lifting lips and showing teeth. With the mid-terms just weeks away and enraged at Republicans, will Biden prepare to cry havoc and let slip his Department of Justice hounds on DeSantis and Abbott for embarrassing him and the Democrats?

Biden’s Democrats would much rather have us all forget Biden’s open border and approach immigration issues like those old stoned hippies besotted on hopium, singing in peace and harmony in the old Coke commercial.

The border was relatively secure under the Trump administration but under Biden the invasion continues. If you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country. And under the Biden/Harris administration, the Southern border is a sieve by design.

Reality bites too. The president and his border czarina Vice President Kamala Harris keep insisting the border is secure, yet they left it open wide, allowing millions of illegal immigrants to walk across into Texas, Arizona and other border states, overwhelming local governments as the drug cartels brought them across, along with tons and tons of deadly fentanyl to poison American young people. More than 100,000 young Americans died last year from fentanyl poisoning.

They shriek about DeSantis and Abbot bringing up a few hundred? Yet they said nothing as the Biden Administration secretly flew thousands of illegal immigrants into blue states in the middle of the night without media attention. The Biden White House lied about it. And their media allies let them get away with the lie.

And yes, Democrats did keep screaming “Demographics is Destiny!” for years, up until the time Mexican immigrant families in Texas shocked them by voting Republican in Congressional delegations.

And yes, the Democratic left is now suffering a meltdown because of the audacity of a few Republican governors. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shipped a few busses of illegal immigrants to Kamala Harris’ home after she insisted to friendly “Meet the Press” journos that the border was not wide-open, but has been secure under Biden.

Asked about his audacious move, Abbott said everything he did was within the law, and reminded reporters that he is the former Texas Attorney General and a former member of the Texas Supreme Court.

“We have a president who refuses to go see the chaos he’s created on the border,” he told Fox News. “And a ‘border czar’ in Kamala Harris who’s refused to see what’s going on, on the border. So, if they’re not going to the border, we’re taking the border to them. So they can see the challenges they’re posing to the entire United States of America.”

And Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shipped a few planes of illegal immigrants up Martha’s Vineyard, home of liberal Democrat millionaires, including former President Barack Obama who lives in a 12 million estate, not bad for a community organizer once nurtured by the convicted Chicago political fixer Tony Rezko.

Now, all of a sudden, Democrats are screaming as if they’d been skinned alive? Failed past Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and potential future Democratic presidential candidate California Gov. Gavin Newsom are demanding a Department of Justice investigation.

DeSantis mocked these hysterics for phonies.

“The minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they go berserk and they’re so upset that this is happening,” DeSantis said. “And it just shows you that their virtue-signaling is a fraud.”

Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try to love one another right now. And listen to Jane Chittick.

According to the devilishly amusing New York Post, Chittick is a mystery writer and dog lover who has lived in Martha’s Vineyard for 42 years but now spends time in DeSantis’ free state of Florida.

She offered up a solution for the hysteria over 50 or so illegal immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard by DeSantis: Let the Obamas have them. The Obamas have a $12 million estate on the island. And the “season” in Martha’s Vineyard is over. The idea was to let the immigrants squat on Obama land.

“I don’t think people like the Obamas with huge estates who live here in the summer will care (about the migrants),” she told the Post.

“I would love to see the Obamas open up their huge property and erect tents and look after all these people while they’re being processed,” Chittick said. ““They have all these signs: ‘Private Property,’ ‘No Trespassing,’ ‘Do Not Come,’ ‘Police Are Patrolling.’ They’re not going to be on the streets in town or the church where a lot of the migrants were put last night.”

Martha’s Vineyard is a paradise for wealthy Democrat Party elites. They didn’t crawl on their knees for years, selling their souls for a piece of the island, just to give space to impoverished illegal immigrants.

Obama just threw a huge 60th birthday bash at his estate in August. Celebrities on the island include the unfunny talk show host Seth Meyers, boring cartoon character and former Secretary of State John Kerry, director Spike Lee and former Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett.

It was Jarrett who smoothed the way for the Obama Presidential Center to be given priceless Jackson Park land, although I prefer to call this political temple to mediocrity by its true name, The Obama Temple of Adoration and Fealty.

I’d hoped the Obamas could teach the immigrants to sing, just like the hopium addicts in the Coke commercial. And in the summer, when Martha’s Vineyard is crowded, I hoped they could open up Obamaland in Chicago for them to set up a tent city, now that the beautiful old trees have been chopped down in Jackson Park to make room for Obama’s Temple.

They could build their city in the now treeless lands before the Obama Temple, and make offerings to him and his all-seeing eye. Jarrett and Biden White House puppeteer Susan Rice could wear diaphanous flowing white robes as high priestesses.

Alas not all dreams come true. The elite Democrats on Martha’s Vineyard just couldn’t take sharing their paradise with immigrant poor because, as many land owners said, they just “didn’t have room,” even though the Obamahouse was roomy enough.

The migrants were quickly shipped out of Martha’s Vineyard to the mainland. The Martha’s Vineyard people hugged the migrants as they were booted off the island. On Saturday many leftists Tweeted video of the hugs to show they cared and that Hate Had No Home Here on Martha’s Vineyard. This is called “kissing your own behind” and the leftist Twitter swamp is expert at this sort of thing.

But they still rid themselves of the immigrants, which is what they demanded.

Here’s how CNN put it: “The roughly 50 migrants who were sent by plane to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts by Florida’s governor this week were taken to a military base to receive shelter and humanitarian support, officials said.”

And now, who gets down on hands and knees with a scrub-brush to clean Joe Biden’s carpet before November 8?

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