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Kass pays tribute to Claudine Gay and the DEI State.

We almost lost Kass in 2023. He had a massive heart attack. Since then he's been writing less. It's great to see him back on his game crushing the folks who need "calling out".

Welcome back, brother!

Veritas: Can Claudine Gay’s Chicago Way Connections (Obama, Pritzker) Protect Her from Golden Moutza of the Month?

By John Kass, Kass News

January 3, 2024

If Hollywood makes a sci-fi film of “The Incredible Shrinking Ivy League University,” it would star former Harvard President Claudine Gay as the serial plagiarist and race-hustling left-wing bigot who resigned her post on Tuesday.

It was Gay who for weeks had refused to resign, after a high-profile Congressional public hearing in which she and other Ivy League university presidents refused unequivocally to denounce calls on campus for the genocide of Jews.

It depends on the context, she said. Under what context is genocide acceptable? Neither Claudine Gay, nor other leftist college presidents, would say. But they don’t care about context either. They care about power.

And then came a cascade of allegations that Gay had plagiarized the academic work of others. Allegation after allegation. If she was a white male conservative Republican, she’d have been forced to resign weeks ago. But she is not white. She is not a conservative.

She is a black female and high priestess of the so-called “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” scam, profoundly cynical fascist marriage of authoritarian government and the corporate left that is all about racial/gender discrimination under the color of law. It is protected by hard left Democrats, an a key reason why so many Americans are at each others’ throats.

DEI is Gay’s empire. There is nothing about merit and excellence in DEI. As the great Victor Davis Hanson points out race is the reason she was hired.

Vanderbilt political science professor Carol Swain, a black woman who said she was a victim of Gay’s plagiarism, told City Journal that “a white male would probably already be gone.”

The only thing that kept her alive was her Chicago Way connection with former President Barack Obama and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker whose sister Penny Pritzker runs the university’s governing body, the Harvard Board of Overseers.

But apparently Obama and the Pritzkers couldn’t take the heat she was bringing them. After weeks and weeks of behind-the-scenes politicking, they dropped her and cut her loose.

They’ll keep her on faculty for now, but all that will do is prolong the pain. Every day she lingers, Americans are reminded of the contempt that the political left holds for them. The despicable race-hustler Al Sharpton played the race card for Gay as she resigned. Of course he did.

“President Gay’s resignation is about more than a person or a single incident. This is an attack on every Black woman in this country who’s put a crack in the glass ceiling,” he said in a statement to CNN on Tuesday.

No Rev. Al. Not all Americans are chumbolones.

She didn’t put a crack in the glass ceiling, any more than young protege Tawana Brawley did. In 1987 the then 15-year-old Brawley alleged (with Al’s help) that she had been kidnapped and raped by a group of white men, including law enforcement officers. She smeared feces on herself.

A grand jury rightly decided she’d made the whole thing up.

On her way out on Tuesday, Claudine Gay played the race card. She presented herself as the victim of racists. It was despicable, yes, but typical of the genre. Her champion Obama, who was himself credibly accused of plagiarism–though this was ignored by corporate media–used racial guilt to take the White House.

“It has been distressing to have doubt cast on my commitments to confronting hate and to upholding scholarly rigor — two bedrock values that are fundamental to who I am — and frightening to be subjected to personal attacks and threats fueled by racial animus,” said Gay in her resignation letter.

The conservative writer Christopher Rufo nailed her on X, formerly Twitter. I enjoyed his response. It was perfect.

“Rather than take responsibility for minimizing antisemitism, committing serial plagiarism, intimidating the free press, and damaging the institution, she calls her critics racist,” said Rufo, who uncovered much of her serial plagiarism. He added that this is the poison” of diversity, equity and inclusion ideology.”

Of course it is.

How can it be anything other than cultural poison?

Gay is a political animal, not a talented academic. She’s black and she played the race card, the old race hustle aimed at white “fragility” that those of us who remember Jesse Jackson’s King of Beers shtick know all too well. Bluff the white chumbolones and demand they fill your collection plate. Most will comply.


Because many are afraid. There is nothing so fragile as the white Democrat desperate not to be condemned as racist.

But the Marxist left does not apologize for anything, no matter how many once-great institutions–including the law and journalism it leaves smoldering in its wake.

The political problem was obvious to Chicagoans wise to the Chicago Way.

“After this dies down my hunch is that she’ll want to spend more time with her cat,” said my friend Prof. Charles Lipson on this week’s Chicago Way podcast on WGN radio.

“And Penny Pritzker is in an awkward position…they (Democrats) need African American votes and the last thing they’ll want is the name Pritzker all over firing the first black president of Harvard,” Lipson said.

Not everyone wanted Gay “honored” with the Golden Moutza.

Some insisted that the award go to Illinois Secretary of State Alexis Giannoulias for posing in a selfie tweet sprawled on his office carpet like a little girl.

It was embarrassing. I thought of my Greek ancestors who fought the Turks.

“Memo to Alexi, the smarmy sycophant who makes pandering to extremists his trademark. Nah!!” wrote always perceptive reader Tom Winike.

I have no words except one. Pathetic.

And yes, though Alexi deserves a perpetual Moutza—his carpet posing almost made me forget his friendship with Chicago almost wise-guy Jaws Giorango. I didn’t forget, I just wish Don Vito Corleone could slap his face and shout, “What’s a matter with you. You CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!!”

Alexi ran for office this time, and the crack political reporters avoided Giorango, it was obvious to me at least that the Chicago media had forgotten.

But Claudine Gay and her race cards and plagiarism and her Chicago Way political pals just can’t be swept under Alexi’s rug.

“There are so many who are called but few are chosen,” said Leo G. Manta in his Golden Moutza nomination. “I nominate Claudine Gay. I guess all that supposed education of hers didn’t make her any smarter and wiser, just dumber. Apparently that’s why she had to plagiarize so much. All those parents who paid to send their kids to Harvard should demand a refund.

“All together now—Na Parta Olla!! Fisa Etho!!,” said Manta.

“I would like to amend my earlier Moutza nomination of “Harvard President Claudine Gay,” said Nancy Trainer. “The nomination should read “Smug, elitest Obama BFF Harvard President Claudine Gay.”

Reader Pat Graceffa, like many wanted the Golden Moutza awarded to Chicago Mayor Brandon the dimwit. But you can smack him with the Golden Moutza on a daily basis and it wouldn’t phase him in the least. Why? His lack of wits protect him.

“I would give it to Chicago for being a Sanctuary City for over thirty years and having no plans or budget in place to even help the small number (compared to the actual total coming into the country) of people coming into the city,” Graceffa said. “Everyone in city government talks the talk but no one walks the walk.”

There are only two thoughts in Democratic heads for 2024: Race and Abortion.

“I just don’t care anymore John” said reader Dan Herring. “It ends badly this year for the world. Make your peace.”

I make my peace with cynical Claudine Gay, who shows us who and what she is. She’s a manipulator and high priestess of the DEI death cult that seeks the death of America. And she has the gall to keep that job?

She’s worked so hard, stealing other people’s work, playing her race games, leaning on Obama and the Pritzkers, protecting Harvard’s silencing of opposing views while stepping on “freedom of speech.”


Lift your chin Claudine Gay. Lift it high. You’ve walked over so many people on your way to the top of the mountain. You used race to destroy people with whom you disagree and now you want to be treated as a woman of honor?

Not on my watch. You’ve destroyed a once-great university. You’ve imperiled all those at Harvard who foolishly supported you.

You are the Al Sharpton of the Ivy League.

Veritas, baby. Veritas.

And this Golden Moutza of December belongs to you. You’ve earned it right on the kisser.

Now put your lips together and blow on this. Feesah Etho.


You’re disgusting. You’re dangerous. You’re the corrupt high priestess of the Bolshevik creed that is DEI. You have no place here. Take your Moutza and go.

NAH and NAH again.


(Copyright 2023 John Kass)

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