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Kass:President Non Compos Mentis

Go get em tiger! Kass is slaying again. Love this guy.

BTW, my favorite metric of the story "In a recent ABC poll, 94 percent of Republicans, 69% of political independents and 21% of Democrats thinks Biden lacks the mental sharpness to be president."

That means that 79% of Democrats think he has the mental sharpness to be president. I'm not sure how to process that. These folks must be living in a parallel universe.

President Non Compos Mentis

By John Kass

February 11, 2024

Do you really think the bizarre angry-old-man cane waving performance of President Non Compos Mentis demonstrates his fitness for office?

Because after that politically disastrous news conference in the White House is where we are now.

Biden is no longer mentally fit to be commander-in-chief. He’s an empty husk. I told you he was a meat puppet years ago. Last week, on national television, he proved it.

The world is on the edge of war. China is pushing us in the Pacific, Iran pushes us across the Middle East. Russia is taking Ukraine, despite our war party’s best effort to bring us to the edge of world war. And the president is not in possession of his right mind. He’s slow and senile and the world can see it.

He is President Non Compos Mentis. That is lawyer talk, Latin for “of unsound mind.”

How did this come about? Biden’s Justice Department the other day ruled that the president was not mentally fit to stand trial on the issue of whether he’d illegally and for years taken top secret documents and stored them in broken boxes in his messy garage. He did willfully take the documents. He did in fact put them in broken boxes in his junky garage.

But the special prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland declined to press charges. Why? Biden is unfit to stand trial.

He’s not fit to stand trial, but he’s fit to be president?

Robert Hur, the special prosecutor noted in his report that during interviews, Biden repeatedly could not remember the years he was vice president under former President Barack Obama, that Biden could not remember the year his son Beau died. The report was released during a week in which the president said he talked to world leaders who were already dead. And then in his angry news conference he mixed up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt.

It was a disaster of biblical proportions.

You wouldn’t hire such a soft headed man to manage a Popeye’s Fried Chicken franchise, let alone task him to be the leader of the free world with China on the prowl. The fate of the United States is at stake.

First he must be tested to determine if he’s mentally fit. If he’s fit, then he stands trial. If he’s not, then he should be removed immediately.

One way to look at it that he’s a tired old man, too old for the rigors of the presidency, a man in the center of a re-election political campaign who decided to pass up a three-minute softball interview during the Taylor Swift Super Bowl. If he can’t handle a softball interview, how can he stand up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping.

Another way to look at it was that what America and the world saw on TV—Angry Joe Biden confusing the names of world leaders, sniping, mean—was no accident.

It was a takedown. And some of his own people helped. They put him out there and he performed poorly as expected. I talked about this to a man who spent his lifetime in American diplomacy and intelligence, studying the devious players of the Deep State.

Here’s what he wrote weeks ago, before Biden’s prime-time disaster, in a prescient essay for the conservative website American Greatness.

“The ‘Deep State’ and the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election: Down to the Crossroads”

“One indication to watch for could be whether elements of Biden’s Department of Justice, which has so far worked hard to shield the President, begin to re-examine some of the corruption and other allegations of wrongdoing aimed at him…”

The author is my brother Nicholas Kass, 30+ years of service in CIA and Department of State, working on the president’s daily brief, serving in Washington and overseas in Turkey, and other dangerous parts of the world.

He’s brilliant yes, but for decades when we were growing up, he refused to do household chores. He’d rather study Eastern Roman history and Kyokushin karate than cut the grass. Pete and John cut the grass.

Nick is our scheduled guest for this week’s new episode of the Chicago Way podcast that I co-host with WGN radio producer Jeff Carlin. We try to serve up hot cups of good old-fashioned common sense.

One thing we do know is that Biden is done. Jill Biden, the stern Mrs. Wilson of this White House, decided a year or so ago that the old man would run for re-election. And so she pushed him out there because she loves power. Was he wearing his depends?

He’s no longer useful. Look at him. He’s dried up, a bitter raisin. And his advisors are turning the screws.

Now it’s too late for him to gracefully withdraw, so someone in his “braintrust” decided it would be a good idea to hold a free-form news conference, even though he’d been shielded for years.

It was predictable.

The sad thing is that our country doesn’t deserve this. He’s not some gentle old man. He’s vicious and mean and he has always put his appetites for venality before the welfare of his country. He’s in public service for what he can take and leverage, like the worst of the big city politicos.

He’s pretending the Junior Soprano senility defense to protect him from charges of taking millions of dollars from China, Ukraine and elsewhere.

Joe Biden’s favorite saying isn’t E pluribus unum. His favorite saying is “No one F’s with a Biden,” usually said with his hand extended to take a check in the form of a “loan” that is never repaid.

He’s not mad as a hatter exactly, but he keeps forgetting the names of world leaders, and according to the special prosecutor he couldn’t remember the year his own son died or when he was vice president when he pulled in all that cash.

And though team Biden came out swinging on Friday condemning the prosecutor for being unfair, with “gratuitous” smears, and the CNN and MSNBC lickspittles were defensively outraged, it became clear that the Biden White House will not release video of the president’s interviews to prove their claims that the special prosecutor was “gratuitous” and that the president is mentally fit. Because he’s not.

Who will they replace him with? The moron Vice President with the horrid cackling laugh? The hair boy Democratic governor of California dripping of hair products? Or the Gov. Jelly Belly of Illinois? How about my pick, Michelle Obama?

If he sticks he drags the Congressional Democrats down with him and their journos will freak. Poll after poll say voters don’t believe old Joe has the mental acuity to do the job.

In a recent ABC poll, 94 percent of Republicans, 69% of political independents and 21% of Democrats thinks Biden lacks the mental sharpness to be president.

Just 33 percent think the 80-year-old Biden is fit enough. And 58 percent of American adults who lean Democrat want someone else.

Is that Vice President Kamala Harris?

No. She has a much softer brain than Biden, but she was selected not for her mental or administrative prowess, but because she had the right skin tone and she’s a woman.

U.S. Rep. Adam Smith understands. Biden is done. As do other smart Democrats. The American people saw what they saw, it was a complete (bleep) show, and telling them Biden is really Einstein just infuriates them now.

And the voters see former President Donald Trump facing similar records-related criminal charges, the left hopes they can use their “lawfare” to put him in jail, but Biden is ruled incompetent and walks free while holding onto the presidency?

That double standard just won’t wash. It is unfair and corrodes the American system of equal justice under the law. They kill democracy while shouting through their leftist media organs that they are here to save it. They are dangerous, malevolent, mincing buffoons.

The American left leaning corporate media, so shamelessly in the tank for Obama and then for Biden in scandal after scandal are now at point where they must decide who and what they are.

“Well, I think they’ve jumped the proverbial shark,” the classical historian Victor Davis Hanson said to Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. “And I think right now there’s a lot of journalists who are saying I wanna get out of Dodge and I wanna go on record that I’ve always said I always believed he had mental problems… And I think they’re gonna try to be the first to say ‘I have integrity. I’m empirical. I’m disinterested.”

But they were quite interested, like the hairless eunuchs in the palace of the sultan. For decades Washington journalists danced the dance of grace and favor in the court of the kings of the Washington swamp. They have no place to go but down.

“It’s gonna get worse and worse,” said Hanson, “and they don’t want to be the last person on the Biden-is-competent-train and I think they want to get off. I think a lot of people are going to say ‘I knew this whole time.’ ”

Hanson knows it is the same behavior across history. It is the dance of servants covering their behinds. And it reeks, like the parliament of whores Washington has become.

“Very well madam,” some old man said long ago to the streetwalker who ended up in the palace. “We’ve established what you are. Now we’re simply determining the price.”

About the author: John Kass spent decades as a political writer and news columnist in Chicago working at a major metropolitan newspaper. All he really wanted to do was cover boxing and write Chicago restaurant reviews and file one story a week. It didn’t work out that way. He lives in Northwest Indiana with the Lovely Sicilian. He is co-host of The Chicago Way podcast. And he just loves his “No Chumbolone” hat, because is a “No Chumbolone” Zone where you can always get a cup of common sense.

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