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Kass talks about "The Hunter Laptop from hell" book. Summarizes says it's must reading.

Pretty disturbing stuff. Kass is a pretty credible hard-nosed journalist. More disturbing coming from him.

With Elon Musk Releasing “Twitter Files,” You Need This Book Now: Miranda Devine’s “Laptop from Hell”

By John Kass

December 4, 2022

The American left is shrieking in rage over Elon Musk’s weekend release of “The Twitter Files.” With the Republicans in control of the House, they’ll begin investigating when they take over in January. But the left is desperate to confuse the issue and gaslight you on this one.

So, you’ll need a primer to keep things straight. And I’ve got the perfect primer right here.

It’s Miranda Devine’s book “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech and The Dirty Secrets The President Tried to Hide.”

I wouldn’t tell you to do something I wouldn’t do. Order it immediately. I have the book right here and I’ve been using it as a reference volume as the hysterical left–including those journalists who’ve broken journalism forever–scream about Musk’s release of “The Twitter Files.”

Devine is a columnist for The New York Post, the newspaper that broke the story about the Biden Inc. bagman and second son of “The Big Guy” in the White House who was cut in for 10 percent. The release of “The Twitter Files” that were provided by Musk to independent journalist Matt Taibbi.

The files detail how the Big Tech social media giants colluded (yes, colluded) with the Democratic National Committee and the Biden administration in the most corrupt political scheme in American history. The “Twitter Files” also reveal that political and government actors sought out Big Tech to suppress speech. Biden Inc. and his journalistic enablers often talk of protecting democracy even as they step on it.

Musk promised to release the files so the world could see the extent of the corruption at Twitter5. And even before he released the internal documents, the left wing—which is all about force and nothing but force—began savaging Musk’s reputation and his company.

You might also say they “rigged” a presidential election. That’s exactly what they did. They rigged it.

“It’s fantastic that Elon Musk has chosen to move the dial a little closer to the truth for the American public to understand the egregiousness of what went on back in October of 2020,” Miranda Devine said on Saturday in an interview on Fox News.

Just before the presidential election of 2020, The New York Post broke a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell and that’s when Free Speech was dragged through hell.

“The nation’s oldest newspaper—the fourth largest by circulation—was censored by Big Tech in service to one of the two candidates for president. They interfered in the election and, so it’s fantastic that Elon Musk has opened the Twitter Files,” Devine said.

As I write this column I haven’t seen the Twitter Files expose the FBI or the whores of the “Intelligence Community”—51 of them wrote a letter they knew was a lie, suggesting the Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop story was “Russian disinformation,” which it was not.

But to understand the arrogance of the authoritarian left, which believes it can control and shut down debate because Big Tech and Big Corporate Media is at their service, think of the arrogance on display at the Biden White House dinner a few days ago.

The Biden White House was honoring French President Emmanuel Macron.

And the White House bagman, Hunter Biden, was also there.

Many American peasants had to cut back on Thanksgiving Dinner to deal with Biden Inflation and Biden Gas Prices, but I’m sure there were those who dreamed of liveried White House servants carrying platters of gourmet fare as they once did in old Versailles (before the lopping of the heads, of course).

The White House served platters of butter-poached Maine lobster, beef with shallot marmalade, various American cheeses (but not individually wrapped singles for grilled cheese sandwiches), and “triple-cooked butter potatoes.” That’s a rich dinner, Joe for a guy who bragged about being working class from Scranton. You get any ice cream? Joe?

I have another menu, from chef Miranda Devine. It is indeed a delicious moveable feast. I even carried it to breakfast. It begins with “A Knock at the Door” and then Chapter 2 offers “The Prodigal Son.” Other chapters include “Oedipus Wrecks,” “Show Me the Money” and many more.

Here’s how the chapter called “The Delaware Way” begins.

“I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half of your salary.”–Hunter Biden, text message to daughter Naomi, 2019

The Delaware Way sounds remarkably like The Chicago Way, where political families use the government hammer to roll in all that cash.

The New York Post broke the story of Biden family corruption in October 2020, just before the last presidential election. Elon Musk did not own Twitter then, and the social media platform along with Facebook worked to suppress the New York Post story. Joe Biden lied to the American people about it. He not only tried to hide the secrets, but he also had institutional help, from media, Big Tech, Intelligence officials.

China, Ukraine and Russia reportedly threw millions of dollars at the Bidens. And “The Big Guy” reportedly got 10 percent.

The American corporate legacy media destroyed itself by helping the Democrats suppress the story. News media will never recover from the infected self-inflicted wounds. Journalism was broken beyond repair, after editors and publishers suppressed the story. And Big Tech—Twitter and Facebook among them—also suppressed the Post story. It was indeed shameful.

Then the prostitutes came strutting in, these special liars of the so-called “Intelligence Community” offering a letter saying they suspected the laptop fiasco was Russian disinformation. It was not.

But it gave Joe Biden necessary protection. And it gave the prostitutes of media a pretext to avoid the Hunter Biden laptop from hell.

The oh-so superior and leftist National Public Radio put a bow on it. NPR’s managing editor Terence Samuel said NPR didn’t want to waste its time on the Hunter Biden story.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” said Samuel in an interview.

Don’t want to waste listener’s time? There was a presidential election going on. But you and the rest of the left had your instructions. I wonder: Were the instructions written down or did they come in the form of pheromones, to be smelled, the way wasps smell instructions before the kill.

It was a cold late October that year. How cold? Quite cold. To appreciate it you had to work in a woke newsroom where the editors, like Samuel, had decided to suppress the story. I kept writing about Hunter’s laptop in my newspaper column, as the woke newsroom got colder and colder around me.

As Joe Biden kept repeating the lie that the “intelligence community” had pronounced the laptop story “Russian disinformation” and American voters were herded and manipulated by those who’d chant “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Someday I hope to speak to Miranda Devine, to ask her how frustrating it must have been for the New York Post to have had this amazing story of corruption and greed that reached from the Obama White House to the Biden campaign as other newspapers turned their backs and Big Tech censored the Hunter Biden story, freezing the Post’s social media accounts.

And they’re worried about the republic?

If you haven’t yet read Divine’s brilliant book, order it now, today. Give it to yourself for a gift. Buy it for a spouse or a child or friend. I never ask readers to do something I wouldn’t do. But if you’re remotely interested in being informed about the things that matter in this country, you will read this book. As you can tell from the flow of news, and the yammering talking heads gearing up for the Sunday talk shows, you have little time to come up to speed.

Because the Republicans who’ve taken over the House of Representatives in January will investigate Biden Inc., and the family bagman, Hunter Biden, who made millions in questionable deals in China, Ukraine and Russia when his father was Number Two to President Barack Obama. Hunter complained in that text that begins the chapter “The Delaware Way” that he had to kick back to his father.

Some of the squishier Republicans are now arguing to offer mercy to the Bidens. They also argue that GOP hard-liners should drop the Biden Inc. probe and concentrate instead on inflation and other “important” issues. The trashing of the republic and the mutilation of the Bill of Rights are important issues.

And Elon Musk, who took over Twitter sending the political left into hysterical fits over loss of control over the social media platform, has said the company should release internal discussions of the suppression of the Hunter laptop story, in order to restore some semblance of public trust.

A friend who once knew where all the bones were buried at Chicago’ City Hall and where many had been buried in Washington has purchased a dozen or so copies of “Laptop from Hell” and passed them out to friends.

“This is the real story of everything that’ll be coming out of Congress in the coming year. People might not remember all the names. But they’ll come away knowing that people were just throwing money at the Bidens,” he said.

The Ukrainians threw money at them. The Russians. China.

And Joe Biden, working only on his government salary, put together chunks of change to buy mansions?

In 2014 there was that Wall Street Journal story about Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, college roommate of Christopher Heinz, the heir to the ketchup fortune and son of Secretary of State John Kerry.

They joined the board of Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings Ltd.


Their fathers were busy, at least Joe was busy. There’s that great photo from the Obama White House, with Joe raising a glass in a toast of honor to Xi Jinping, undisputed ruler of China.

And Hunter was doing big business in China, wasn’t he? And “The Big Guy” was raising toasts to Xi Jinping.

Hunter had no expertise in such international businesses, but his daddy was the VP and Hunter’s business partner was the son of the Secretary of State.

My friend who knows about the buried political bones said, “Hunter is the bagman of today, but his brother Jim is the bagman from the past.”

Any reporter with a room temperature IQ would know that in political crime families, the brother or the sister is the bagman.

Why didn’t the fancy Washington Beltway reporters know this? Haven’t they ever covered city hall in their hometowns?

The writer Michael Ledwith is a big fan of Miranda Devine and her book:

“Never in the history of timely, important, well-written non-fiction exposes of a literary quality has a book been supported on a monthly basis by additional stunning revelations first revealed in a ‘Laptop from Hell.’”

Agreed. It also might make a great movie. Here’s a question:

In the movie “Laptop from Hell,” who’ll play Obama?

Isn’t there a part for the guy who is a big boss at Netflix?

All this international intrigue was being played by Biden Inc., by the weak crack-head son of the foolish (then) vice president, and with all those meetings and all that money going Biden Inc.’s way, with John Kerry’s kid in the circle of influence, with Joe and John raising toasts to Xi Jinping didn’t Obama know anything about it?

Did none of the “Intelligence Community” insects who would later write the (false) letter that the laptop was Russian disinformation ever tell President Obama what Biden was up to?

You’d think someone would have told then President Obama. No one? Not even CIA boss John Brennan?

It’s just hard to believe with all the action, with Hunter as bagman meeting with Chinese intelligence, and shadowy figures of Ukraine, with the wife of the mayor of Moscow, that no one told Obama.

He was the guy from Chicago, with the Daleys behind him and Rahm Emanuel with him. He survived the friendship with the bagman Tony Rezko, his real estate fairy. And the media hailed him as a reformer.

And no one told Obama?

When Chicago finally builds that multi million-dollar Temple of Love and Fealty to the Obamas—on priceless Chicago Park District lakefront land—perhaps someone can explain if Obama ever knew about Hunter and Joe and the rest.

Perhaps they can put the answer in the Obama temple.

In the Obama Hall of Whispers.


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