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Kass: What to do about Cackling Kamala?

Back in Dec (the 13th to be exact), I presented my best guess as to how Biden would be shown the door. Things seem to be falling into place nicely. Suspect it's a bit early to pull him off stage. For the next month or two the Dems will leak additional evidence of Joe's mental decline and then put up their preferred candidate (Newsom?). Kennedy is likely going to ensure a Trump win (by stealing votes that would otherwise go Dem).

My original piece!

What to do about Cackling Kamala?

By John Kass

February 14, 2024

Now that President Joe Biden has revealed himself to possess a mind of room-temperature banana pudding, what should we do with Vice President Kamala Harris?

You haven’t forgotten Kamala, have you? She’s central to this story, pivotal actually, as essential as any of the great “Femme Fatal” characters in those Film Noir movies, like Barbara Stanwyck in the classic “Double Indemnity,” Pam Grier in “Jackie Brown,” and Kim Basinger in “LA Confidential.”

The simple truth people, is this: You can’t have the Senile Joe Biden drama without Harris and her singsong voice and that terrifyingly famous Kamala Cackle of hers, so she “can be, unburdened by what had been.” Repeat her signature Kamala word salad about 50 times while looking at the photograph above where she cackles away.

And with Biden poll numbers collapsing, as the Southern border collapses, as the Mexican drug gangs control the border, we see it happen before our very eyes: The Biden cabinet cracks under pressure at what Joe has done, and points the finger of blame at each other, the Biden cabinet calling each other out as “bitch ass” and worse, it would seem this is now Kamala time. Except nobody likes her.

Her national poll numbers are even worse than Joe’s. Only 28% of voters have a positive opinion of Harris. And if you play them a recording of the Kamala Kackle, the few positive numbers disappear entirely.

She’s not viable.

So, what to do, what to do?

If Washington politics were Hollywood, the answer would be easy-peasy: Kamala Harris and embarks on a brand new career in the movies: Kamala Noir or let’s say Film Noir. Netflix film moguls Barack Obama and wife Michelle could dangle a juicy character part before Kamala if they need something to pry her away from Washington.

Problem: I love film. And once I wanted to become a director. There are two roles for females in film noir, one is the girl-next-door. The other is the femme fatale. And given her rapid rise up California politics with the able assistance of Willie Brown, where she apparently earned the nickname “Heels Up” Harris.

“Heels Up” is not a proper name for a girl next door. It’s not a proper name for anyone. The smoldering Barbara Stanwyck was not the girl next door. But would she murder her husband to feast upon on the insurance money? No spoilers from me. I guess you have to see it.


For Harris, she was surviving under the radar–without any real responsibility, without any real pressure–until Biden began to implode and she decided to open her mouth. Don’t you hate when that happens? Just keep your mouth shut and keep your grift, but no.

Think of Bridget Fonda opening her mouth one too many times, aggravating Robert DiNiro in “Jackie Brown”

What did Harris say?

”I am ready to serve, There’s no question about that,” she told the Wall Street Journal.

Really? No question? She just couldn’t keep her mouth shut, yet not even her old “mentor” Willie Brown would believe she’s ready. But Kamala insists that she’s ready.

She told the WSJ that “everyone” who sees her on the job “walks away fully aware of my capacity to lead.”

Nobody sees you that way, honey. Not even the Bidens. Your poll numbers suck, even worse than Joe’s. An ABC poll shows that 86 percent of voters think Biden is too old now. And that was before his freak show in which his own Department of Justice couldn’t charge him with crimes–even though they admitted he was guilty–because he’s too feeble minded to stand trial.

So what will voters think by August?

The pressing American political issue isn’t the drama of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It’s the border and the illegal migrant gangs swarming over the Democrat blue “Sanctuary Cities” from New York to Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles.

Even the corrupt leftist media has turned on Biden with this story from Axios, the not-so-secret Obama mouthpiece: How Biden Botched the Border.

According to Axios, Harris and her office wasn’t interested in the border.

“A former Biden administration senior official told Axios: “She’s been at best ineffective, and at worst sporadically engaged and not seeing it was her responsibility. It’s an opportunity for her, and she didn’t fill the breach.”

Years ago I worked as a columnist for a major metropolitan newspaper that was going woke. It was a toxic work environment for anyone who wasn’t a Marxist. And back then I wrote a column that her absolute awfulness was Biden’s insurance policy.

Who would want to remove Joe if it meant Kamala as president?

The headline of the column was this: Please God, please. Biden must endure until 2024.

If Harris were president, I could write about her cackle. It would be easy for me. Comedy gold, infuriating all the libs in corporate media. I could see them clenching their tiny fists in rage, barking like little liberal yap dogs. We could get a lot of laughs out of it.

Yes, it would be easy for me. But it would be terrible for America.

Democrats knew that back then that she was wrong for the job, that she was not capable of being president, but they didn’t really care. Joe wasn’t capable either.

So they reached out for the race-hoaxing hysteric with the cackling bucket of laughs because they cared more about winning elections and checking identity politics boxes than checking that the nation was protected and secure.

And now it’s either the senile old man who doesn’t know where he is. Or Cackling Kamala.

God help us.

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