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Kass: White Sox fan killed. Police can't chase shooters?

We all have to pray that at some point, major Dem cities will empower the police to do their job. Tons of officers have quit their jobs, perhaps the police unions eventually will get on board to help remove bad apples from the force and restore a strong cooperative ethos between the minority communities who desperately need help and their potential protector /partners.

We dramatically lowered crime after the 1990s, we can do it again. Probably will take 2-3 more years for people to change their mindset and support what's necessary.

Chicago Forgets White Sox Fan Killed in Gang Wars on the Way Home from Sox Park. Why?

By John Kass

August 30, 2023

Lost in all the media spin about those two women shot a few days ago while watching a ballgame at Sox Park is another name, another White Sox fan, buried by indifference:

Denise M. Huguelet, a 67-year-old special education teacher, caught in street gang crossfire shortly after leaving the ballpark.

She’s been forgotten now. She is left unremembered. Not by her loved ones, not by her family, not officially forgotten mind you, but the unofficial forgetting explains much about the rapid 40 percent spike in Chicago’s epidemic of violent crime.

But her name is not mentioned publicly, ever, and it should be remembered always, when the subject of White Sox fans being shot ever comes up.

Remembering the name of Denise M. Huguelet who was killed in August of 2021 would make powerful people in Illinois uncomfortable. Chicago doesn’t want to upset the powerful. Chicago would rather smooch their behinds to calm them, lest they become angry. Yes, this is the posture of broken slaves and neutered lickspittles, but that’s exactly where Chicago finds itself now, as the heart of the city is cut out by its ho-hum reaction to violent crime.

Gov. JB Pritzker would rather forget the woman’s name. You don’t hear him mention it. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle doesn’t mention her name. Neither does the Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, one of the Rogue Prosecutors elected on the influence of socialist billionaire George Soros.

Or Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, whose handling of this and other cases demonstrates the job of mayor is far too much for him.

The newspaper editorial boards don’t want to remember her either. The Chicago Teacher’s Union and Pritzker are too busy ignoring what they did to shut schools down and grow thousands upon thousands of killers, gang-bangers, carjackers and other violent criminals in the closed public schoolrooms.

Editorial writers and columnists who would hold them to account have moved on. Those who now remain look to shield Foxx, Pritzker, Johnson and Preckwinkle from those aggravating questions from conservatives. There are no conservatives in Chicago’s corporate media.

And so, through all this Denise M. Huguelet becomes a fade, disappearing, the way the powerful want it.

She was riding home from a game at White Sox Park with her husband when she was shot and killed.

They were on the Dan Ryan expressway at 67th Street when their car was caught in street gang crossfire. Passengers in the other two cars, a white SUV and a red sedan, were shooting at each other, law enforcement sources said.

There was a high-speed chase. That’s what police used to do when innocent people were mowed down by street gang crossfire. The cops chased them. They don’t anymore.

But then, the suspects crashed into a state trooper’s vehicle at 60th and Ashland Ave., and were taken into custody. That didn’t last long.

The driver of the sedan received a graze wound to the hand. She refused treatment.

Walter Melancon, a former student remembered Denise M. Huguelet this way.

“She changed my life. She really did. I wouldn’t have gotten to school without her. Honestly. Giving up wasn’t an option,” Melancon told reporters. “You didn’t have your lunch, she made sure you had your lunch. You needed help with your work, she made sure you got help. You were sad, she didn’t make you leave [and] go home until you were in a better mood. She was like everybody’s mom.”

Prosecutor Kim Foxx decided not to press charges. Police had the suspects in hand, but then were obliged to release them when Foxx let them go.

Was this the notorious case where no one was charged because of Foxx’s ridiculous “mutual combatants” theory or was that another shooting on the West Side?

With Foxx everything was confusing, as if by design, like her claim that she “recused” herself from the Jussie Smollett case, but she did no such thing.

She’s a liar on this and so many other aspects of her job. She’s the poster child for the book I’m now reading:

“Rogue Prosecutors: How Radical Soros Lawyers Are Destroying America’s Communities” by Zach Smith and Charles D. Stimson.

There’s a strange and terribly threatening trend in American criminal justice, the election of local prosecutors—mostly in blue cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York–who are more solicitous of criminals than their victims.

I’ve made this a personal study of mine, ever since I called out Soros for financing Kim Foxx and in response, the hard-left wing of the Chicago Tribune news guild tried to defame me and silence me for it.

They failed in that attempt—I would not bend a knee to the new Bolsheviks–but they helped destroy whatever credibility the once-great newspaper had left.

When a buyout was offered, I eagerly took it, and I’m glad I did. I was finally free to speak my mind here at

I’d rather not relitigate what the Left did to me and the paper many of us loved, but they compelled me t0 react this way as they continue coddling Foxx. Many who live under Democrat rule in Chicago and Cook County feel they can’t speak their minds about Kim Foxx and the hand-picked successor recently approved by Cook County Democratic Boss Toni Preckwinkle. But I will.

“The best thing about Zack Smith and Charles D. Stimson’s Rogue Prosecutors is that it presents a comprehensive examination of the progressive-prosecutor movement in the United States,” wrote Barry Latzer in his brilliant review in “National Review.”

Barry Latzer continues:

“This book makes clear that nationally based leftist organizations, backed by generous financial contributions from George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Patty Quillin, wife of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings (didn’t know about the last two, right?), are driving a highly focused ideological mission to radically alter the criminal-justice system. Smith and Stimson have exposed a rather secretive national campaign to upend traditional criminal prosecution in the United States. As they demonstrate, this campaign is a real threat to public safety — perhaps even, as they say, “a cancer on the body politic.”

I have written several columns on how this happened, how eight different prosecutors were selected by Soros forces to undercut the rule of law. One of them Chesa Boudin of San Francisco, was raised by leftist wolves in Chicago who was run off the job by voters who had enough.

“But there’s no assurance that such prosecutors won’t be replaced by others who are equally “woke” or, as Smith and Stimson describe them, defense-oriented attorneys in disguise,” Latzer writes.

“So, this is an ongoing battle.”

Of course it is, a battle for the heart of urban America. The cities are failing. People are leaving if they can.

The people of Chicago and greater Cook County must know all facets of this ongoing battle, so they can make an informed choice to select a new prosecutor, one who believes that punishing violent criminals isn’t racism, but self preservation of the great cities and minorities who are victimized by violent criminals. Unfortunately the news media is broken unable to reason beyond the simplest of slogans.

The newspapers and broadcast news now nestle comfortably in Mayor Johson’s pouch to stay warm. But I like the cold. I think more clearly with the frost. My curse is that I remember.

And perhaps some of you also remember the name of Denise M. Hugeulet, wife, grandmother who was shot to death and forgotten as collateral damage in endless Chicago’s street gang wars.

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