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Kemp beats Trump's guy in Georgia. Is he going to "steal it again"?

Trump's had early success in endorsing primary winners this season. Is that because he select folks that are already destined to win and simply adds his seal of approval? Tricky to say, but fortunately some critical races are starting to go for non Trump supported candidates. Kemp's win over Perdue is an important example. Trump pushed hard for Perdue. God I hope this is the first sign that the Repubs can leave Donald in the rear view mirror.

In the meantime, Abrams, another goofball that thinks her election was stolen, will get a rematch against the very guy who beat her last time. She'll be really pissed off after it gets stolen again?

BTW: I just wanted to alert you to this story in the Babylon Bee. Very poor taste. Don't click on the link. Show some self restraint.

Georgia Democrats elect Stacey Abrams as their nominee for governor.

May 24, 2022

By Maya King, NY Times

ATLANTA — Stacey Abrams will advance to Georgia’s general election for governor after running in the state’s Democratic primary unopposed.

Ms. Abrams, a 48-year-old lawyer who served as Georgia’s Statehouse minority leader for six years, last ran for governor in 2018 against then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp in a bitter race that propelled her to national stardom in Democratic politics.

Ms. Abrams’s victory was called by The Associated Press on Tuesday night.

In 2018, her campaign emphasized outreach to infrequent, rural and Black voters over independent white suburbanites. She lost to Mr. Kemp by less than 55,000 votes — a gap she blamed in large part on what she described as Mr. Kemp’s roles as “the referee, the contestant and the scorekeeper” because he served as both a candidate in a statewide race and the state’s top election official.

Her current campaign has largely borrowed from the same playbook it employed during the last race for governor, continuing its focus on voters that were not as widely courted in previous election cycles. She has so far avoided her marquee issue, voting rights, in most campaign stump speeches and advertisements, opting instead to discuss Georgia-specific policy issues.

In a recent television advertisement she emphasizes her political and business credentials to underline her qualifications, describing the job of governor as “being the executive for the state.”

Following the 2018 election, Ms. Abrams founded the voter advocacy group Fair Fight, which has raised more than $100 million. Ms. Abrams’s work through Fair Fight and the New Georgia Project, a voter mobilization organization she founded four years prior, helped Democrats make inroads in top-of-the-ticket races in Georgia, including Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s win in 2020 and the victories of two Democratic senators in 2021.

Ms. Abrams’s 2022 campaign will feature many of the same issues at play in 2018: Medicaid expansion, economic relief and voter protection. She remains a feature of several Georgia Republican attack ads, as conservatives up and down the ballot have aimed to characterize her as a far-left, power-hungry figure who would force on the state policies supported by national Democrats.

Still, Ms. Abrams remains one of the most prolific fund-raisers both in Georgia and Democratic politics, out-raising her Republican opponents. She has brought in more than $21 million since announcing her bid for re-election in December. In early May, she paused her fund-raising efforts to redirect funds to women’s health clinics and organizations that support abortion access.

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Maya King is a politics reporter covering the South. Prior to joining The Times, she was a national political reporter at Politico, where she covered the 2020 presidential election. @mayaaking

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