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Lumber prices fell all the way back down! Plus Private Equity sucks! Snitz talks $$$

In case you had crawl under a rock, during the pandemic, supply chain issues and a ramp up of building caused lumber prices to go up 400%. Now that COVID has ramped down and the housing industry is slowing....wayyyyyy down, prices have dropped like a rock.

By Ryan Dezember, WSJ (nice name!)

Lumber prices have fallen to their lowest level in more than two years, bringing two-by-fours back to what they cost before the pandemic building boom and pointing to a sharp slowdown in construction.

Lumber futures ended Monday at $410.80 per thousand board feet, down about one-third from a year ago and more than 70% from their peak in March, when the Federal Reserve began raising interest rates to fight inflation.

Wood prices crashed in the early days of the 2020 lockdown, but they exploded that summer when stuck-at-home Americans remodeled en masse and suburban home sales surged. Two-by-four prices nearly tripled the prepandemic record in an early sign of the inflation and broken supply chains that would bedevil the economic reopening.

Are you considering investing in Private Equity? They're getting clobbered now along with stocks. Expect more pain as PE funds that haven't marked their assets to market update. Eckkkk.

Private-equity funds returned minus 3.99% in the second quarter, according to preliminary figures released by the data analytics firm Burgiss. Some expect more bad news from private equity and other illiquid assets after a historically bad year for stocks.

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