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Mayor Johnson gets ready to kick migrants out of shelters.

The US migrant crisis is a story about the deterioration of the Venezualan economy under a viciious corrupt Marxist Maduro. Attn socialist paying attention? This nation is supplying the largest number of illegals across our Southern border. So far over 8 million people have been arrested crossing during the Biden administration and our in our country awaiting trial. The average wait time is over two years.

Under the previous administartion, illegals were returned to Mexico while awaiting trial and the number of illegal crossings was approx 9% of it's current number/

Venezuala was once a thriving economy and a realtively safe place to live. Then in 2014 Maduro took power, threw US oil companies out started looting the economy for his own personal gain...and the nation went to shit.

By went to shit I mean the poverty rate went from 29% to 92% in 3 short years (a rather stunning accomplishment). It hasn't come down. People are flocking to the US to avoid this hell on Earth. There are 28 million future US residents living down there. 800 million folks in South America, many of whom live in Banana Republics with corrrupt leaders as well.

So if you like tent cities buckle up. It's going to get more interesting as the rate of people surging across our border is staying strong.

Can we aborb the world's downtrotten on a grand scale. Good luck with that.

For a fraction of the funds were spending on temporary housing, we could influence policy in South America and encourage (as was the case with Mexico) their economies to thrive. That's easier than what we're doing which is ineffective. Will that require us to throw our diplomatic weight around and in some cases cause a regime change (by covert means)...yup. Like the alternative better?

Percentage of households in poverty and extreme poverty in Venezuela from 2002 to 2021

Mayor Johnson begins process of kicking migrants out of city shelters; first ejections coming in January

Effective Friday, all migrants entering shelters have 60 days before they must leave. The rule worries those who await work permits, which can take months.

By Michael Loria, Suntimes

Nov 17, 2023

The countdown has begun for all migrants entering city shelters to find housing within 60 days or be forced to leave under a new rule issued by Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Migrants who enter shelters Friday will have to be out by mid-January, according to the mayor’s office.

The more than 12,000 migrants already in city shelters will have a little more time before they are ejected. However, all of them will have to leave by early April.

City officials revealed the details of the shelter-stay rule in an announcement Friday, saying the aim was to accelerate “resettlement efforts.”

Nearly 25,000 migrants have been bused or flown to Chicago, mostly from Texas, since August 2022.

Sheltering, feeding and resettling them has been a strain on city resources.

Several thousand migrants found housing through state or other programs or on their own. Thousands more remain in shelters, and 2,200 are camped out at police stations and O’Hare Airport.

Migrants leaving shelters who have not found alternative housing will need to ask for placement in another shelter.

For those who were sheltered earlier this year or in 2022, there will be a staggered schedule for departures under Johnson’s new rule.

  • A group of about 50 migrants who entered city shelters last year will have to leave in mid-January.

  • Another 3,000 who entered shelters January through July, will have to leave by early February.

  • Almost 9,000 people who entered between August and Thursday, will depart by the start of April.

  • Those entering shelters will not have access to a state rental assistance program, officials said Thursday.

The moves come as efforts to help migrants find housing haven’t kept pace with the rate of arrivals.

An effort to help migrants get work permits has been slow as well.

Without a work authorization, many in shelters wonder what will happen when they reach the end of their 60 days.

“If the government wants us to be able to rent our own space, we need to be able to work,” said José Valentín, a Venezuelan migrant, staying at a recently opened West Loop shelter with his partner and their 19-month-old son.

At the shelter, which opened in October and is housing over 1,000 people, he said there were no social services of any kind, from help with housing or with their immigration cases.

“We’re waiting for that help, but it hasn’t come yet,” said the 22-year-old.

Michael Loria is a staff reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times via Report for America, a not-for-profit journalism program that aims to bolster the paper’s coverage of communities on the South Side and West Side.

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