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Nearly half of Dems want to boot Biden off ticket — with Michelle Obama his leading favorite replacement: poll

I can't believe Vermin has sold out and gone over to Fox! He was hoping he had a chance with the DNC.

Nearly half of Dems want to boot Biden off ticket — with Michelle Obama his leading favorite replacement: poll

By Victor Nava, NY Post

Published Feb. 26, 2024

Almost half of Democrats want someone besides President Biden at the top of their party’s 2024 ticket — and former first lady Michelle Obama is the leading choice to replace him, according to a new poll.

About 48% of the Democratic voters polled said they approve of the party “finding another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the election in November,” compared to 38% who disapprove, said the Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday.

But only 33% of Democrats believe a ballot shakeup is likely to happen.

Joe Biden

Nearly half of Democrats believe that President Biden should be replaced at the top of the party’s 2024 election ticket, a new poll shows.

The pollster found little consensus among likely Democratic voters as to who should replace Biden, 81, on the ballot this fall in the event he doesn’t seek re-election.

But Obama, 60, lead the group, receiving 20% support among a list of options that also included Vice President Kamala Harris, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, “none of the above” and “not sure.”

Most Democrats – 27% – selected “none of the above,” the poll found.

Coming in behind the former first lady was the vice president, with 15% of Democrats indicating that they would back Harris jumping to the top of the ticket.

Twelve percent of Democrats said they would like to see a possible rematch of the 2016 presidential election, backing Clinton, 76, to replace Biden.

Newsom, 56, who has already been accused of running a “shadow campaign” for the presidency in case Biden has to exit the contest for health reasons, received 11% support.

Whitmer, 52, is the youngest of the bunch, and she was the preferred choice of 9% of likely Democratic voters.

Six percent responded that they were “unsure.”

Twenty percent of likely Democratic voters would like to see Michelle Obama replace Biden on the party’s ticket, the poll says.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) argued in September that Obama could be “parachuted in” at the Democratic National Convention, which will be in the former first lady’s hometown of Chicago, and named the party’s nominee for president in place of Biden.

Obama has repeatedly expressed her desire to remain away from politics.

Biden, the oldest president in US history, trails former President Donald Trump, 77 – the GOP front-runner for the nomination – in several polls of key battleground states but hasn’t given any indication that he plans to step aside and allow a different Democrat to run in his stead.

Biden would be 86 by the end of a second term in office, and his allegedly fading cognitive capabilities were noted in special counsel Robert Hur’s scathing report on the president’s classified documents scandal.

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