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New Jersey takes new migrants and ships to NYC?

Spritzler Mindbinder Transport. "You know sir, there's a lot of migrants that need to be shipped from place to place. And each State is willing to pay almost anything to get rid of them. I think the possibilities are endless, particularly if we can launder the proceeds through the Cayman Islands sir!"

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New Jersey deploys cops to send dumped migrants to NYC in desperate move: ‘F–k this’

By Craig McCarthy and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, NY Post

Published Jan. 3, 2024

New Jersey officials are making sure the Big Apple doesn’t dump the out-of-control migrant mess on the Garden State — and are even deploying cops to usher asylum seekers from the US border onto Manhattan-bound NJ Transit trains as soon as they get off their buses.

The scrap across the Hudson comes as New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy tries to rally the state’s mayors to form a unified front, while New York City Mayor Eric Adams pleads with Murphy to take on at least part of the migrant burden that is burying the five boroughs.

“New Jersey just said, ‘F–k this,'” one source close to the situation told The Post on Wednesday. “New Jersey Transit cops were waiting for them in Secaucus to show them how to get on the train to New York.”

Multiple Garden State sources described the scene as hectic over the last few days, as nearly two dozen migrant buses rolled into train stations with “chaperones” — with NJ Transit cops then taking over and serving as guides to get nearly 1,000 asylum seekers across the river.

The process has been successful so far, with no migrants choosing to stay in Jersey.

Since Saturday, 23 buses have dropped off 1,017 asylum seekers in New Jersey — with 953 then boarding trains into Manhattan and the rest going elsewhere, according to data reviewed by The Post.

The new wrinkle in the old crisis stems from Adams’ move last week to issue an executive order limiting the influx of migrant buses from the border, most of them from Texas.

Adams demanded 32 hours’ notice before the buses arrive in Manhattan, and they may only do so at one spot on West 41st Street — and only between 8:30 a.m. and noon.

Bus arriving at Seacaucus rail station

Since Saturday, 23 buses have dropped off 1,017 asylum seekers in New Jersey — with 953 boarding trains into Manhattan and the rest going elsewhere.

But charter bus companies did an end-around, dropping hundreds of migrants off in unsuspecting New Jersey stations in Secaucus, Fanwood, Edison and Trenton, where they are guided onto Manhattan-bound transit trains that are not covered under Adams’ order.

The Jersey towns were blindsided by the unexpected arrivals over the holiday weekend — prompting a swift rebuke from local pols like Edison Mayor Sam Joshi, who threatened to bus them back to Texas.

New York City Deputy Mayor Fabien Levy repeatedly insisted the Adams administration had reached out to “every town” on a transit line to avoid catching the suburbs off guard.

That was news to Jersey, where local government officials said they had no advance notice.

City Hall eventually conceded that “there was — of course — no way of knowing where Gov. [Greg] Abbott would choose to send migrants before the order was issued,” spokesperson Kayla Mamelak said. “Which is why our outreach continues to additional localities.”

Adams has also urged other nearby municipalities with easy access to the Big Apple to join his fight to issue orders limiting the arrival times — but his pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Staffers said he was scheduled to meet with Murphy on the phone this week, but neither side will confirm that the chat ever happened.

At a press conference Wednesday, Murphy told reporters that his state would continue to push migrants to Manhattan because “NYC is where there is federal support and resources available.

“This is a manageable situation and I expect it will continue to be so,” he added.

Murphy’s comments about federal aid might come as a shock to the Empire State, where Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul have spent months pleading with the White House to help manage the crisis.

However, local officials in New Jersey said they are ill equipped to take on the migrants.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Secaucus Town Administrator Gary Jeffas told The Post.

“For us here, any bus traveling into the train station, how do we know when they will be here so we could even have people there to turn them away,” Jeffas said. “It would have to be a design beyond Secaucus.”

Adams reportedly sought to press Murphy to issue an executive order similar to the one he pushed through in the Big Apple — but the idea never even came up in a conference call between New Jersey state and local officials on Wednesday, sources said.

“It’s just so different [in New Jersey] with buses coming in and dropping off at area train stations,” Jeffas said. “For us here, any bus traveling into the train station would have to be stopped?

“How do we know when they will be here so we could even have people there to turn them away? We don’t have 24/7 centers,” he added.

About 162,000 migrants have arrived in New York City since the spring of 2022, completely overwhelming city shelters and finances, with the crisis forcing City Hall into unsavory cuts in services.

Many of them are coming from Texas, where Abbott continues to ship the migrants crossing into the Lone Star State to sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago.

Earlier this week, Abbott boasted online that he had sent 95,000 asylum seekers north — including 33,600 to New York since August 2022 — and would continue to do so.

“Sanctuary cities like NYC & Chicago have seen only a FRACTION of what overwhelmed Texas border towns face daily,” he wrote on X. “We will continue our transportation mission until [President] Biden reverses course on his open border policies.”

Additional reporting by Steven Vago

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