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Nick Saban quits because of entitled college players?

It's patently untrue that I hate Millennials. I've never said a bad thing about them...except for the rhetoric I use in the Report.

Gen Z (who currently reside in college) on the other hand are a bunch of entitled little f-uckheads who suck their thumb and wait for mummy and daddy to run interference for them. Damn right, I'd say that to Bama's offensive line. I'm not afraid of those roided-out ogres!

Hey, wait a f-cking minute. Some readers of the Report are college students! Hey, I'm sorry...I was just kidding. I have a problem with sniffing airplane glue.

Alabama reaction to Michigan loss ‘contributed’ to Nick Saban’s retirement

By Ryan Glasspiegel, NY Post

Published March 6, 2024

Nick Saban has shed some light on his shocking retirement from Alabama football.

In an extensive profile by ESPN’s Chris Low, Saban discussed a wide range of factors for why he decided to leave the job, including how his players handled their loss to Michigan in the College Football Playoff semifinals, his age and dealing with players in the era of NIL and the transfer portal.

Saban, 72, offered a particularly pointed comment on how he did not feel like his players lost with “class” when Michigan defeated Alabama, 27-20, in an overtime thriller at Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.

“I want to be clear that wasn’t the reason, but some of those events certainly contributed,” Saban told ESPN. “I was really disappointed in the way that the players acted after the game. You gotta win with class. You gotta lose with class. We had our opportunities to win the game and we didn’t do it, and then showing your a– and being frustrated and throwing helmets and doing that stuff … that’s not who we are and what we’ve promoted in our program.”

Saban also believes that shifting factors in college football have made players more out for themselves as opposed to pursuing team goals.

Top quarterback recruit Julian Sayin to enter transfer portal in latest Alabama blow

“I thought we could have a hell of a team next year, and then maybe 70 or 80 percent of the players you talk to, all they want to know is two things: What assurances do I have that I’m going to play because they’re thinking about transferring, and how much are you going to pay me?” Saban said.

“Our program here was always built on how much value can we create for your future and your personal development, academic success in graduating and developing an NFL career on the field.

“So I’m saying to myself, ‘Maybe this doesn’t work anymore, that the goals and aspirations are just different and that it’s all about how much money can I make as a college player?’ I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying that’s never been what we were all about, and it’s not why we had success through the years.”

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