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NY's Gov to ban natural gas in all NY buildings! I'm not f-cking with you.

That means that essentially all buildings would need to have their furnaces ripped out and new electric radiant heat installed in every floor and in every office. Forgetting it would bankrupt landlords, it would likely overtax and blow the electrical grid.

I love the idea. Let's go. I love a good closer! Woooooo

Kathy Hochul’s Latest Brainstorm

The Governor wants to ban natural gas in all New York buildings.

By The Editorial BoardFollow

Jan. 10, 2023 6:47 pm ET

Governor Kathy Hochul recently lamented that too many people are leaving New York, and the state had to do more to get them back. The latest evidence that she has no idea how to do it is her proposal on Tuesday to ban the use of fossil fuels in all new buildings.

She’d ban the use of fossil fuels for heating and in appliances in all new small structures as early as 2025, and in larger buildings by 2028. You won’t be able to buy a natural-gas heating system in the state starting in 2030.

She said in her State of the State address Tuesday that this will combat climate change, which is nonsense. What New York does to limit CO2 emissions will be dwarfed by emissions from China, India and Africa.

Meanwhile, she will make New Yorkers even more dependent on an electrical-power grid that is increasingly unreliable. The state has closed a large nuclear plant, has blocked natural gas pipelines through the state, and is making itself more dependent on offshore wind power that may not be developed.

Electricity costs will inevitably rise, which along with the already high cost of living will be one more reason for people to head for warmer states with a sane political culture.

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