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NY's mayor sh-tcans the one thing that can best help minority kids.

Want to help minorities? The single most powerful tool is to provide them the opportunity to attend an inner-city charter school. Success Academy's track record is off the charts. Transformative.

Instead, we can hear some more BLM rhetoric and talk about systematic racism. BTW, the backlog to get into Success Academy schools is vast. In fact, there are 6 students applying for every one spot (they run a lottery). So much for customers having a say in their education.

Want to learn more? Fabulous read(click link below).

Eric Adams Fails a Charter-School Test

A vote on three new sites for charters has been canceled.

By The Editorial Board, WSJ

Jan. 23, 2023 6:32 pm ET

Mayor Eric Adams had a big test this week of his commitment to excellent public schools for New York City school children. He flunked.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the city’s Panel for Educational Policy was scheduled to vote on proposals to co-locate three new Success Academy charter schools—two in Queens and one in the Bronx—in unused space in existing public schools. Since the mayor appoints 13 of the panel’s 23 voting members, Mr. Adams should have been able to get the “yea” votes for a majority. But on Monday schools chancellor David Banks cited feedback from “community members” that co-location would create “significant challenges.” He means the teachers union objected.

There is no good argument for depriving families of this choice. The new schools would have had majority black and Latino student bodies, and Success Academy has a record of helping children achieve by insisting on high standards. Success points out one added irony for those who say co-location hurts existing public schools: “with few exceptions, scores in math and [English Language Arts] at the Queens and Bronx district schools co-located with SA increased, in some cases significantly.”

Not that this stopped the union. It claimed a lack of space, but the city’s “blue book” shows there are 700 empty seats in each location. Unions also say parents don’t want charters, but last year in Queens, Success had 3,047 applications for 487 open seats in four elementary schools. What the unions and their allies really resent is that Success Academy proves children of all races and family incomes can achieve if they are held to high standards with proper discipline.


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At least rhetorically, Mr. Adams has made a sharp break from his predecessor’s war on achievement and harassment of charter schools. But when it counted for these three charters, he folded.

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