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Oliver Stone: I Don't Know If Trump Lost The Election, Biden "Got So Many Votes" He Wasn't Expected

OMG, I had no idea Stone was a Republican?

Just kidding. Holy crap, cats are marrying dogs!

BTW it's crystal clear that Trump had no (or insufficient proof) that wrong doing rose to the level that flipped the election. Does that mean I know what happened? Of course not. Do I think there was cheating on both sides...there usually is. How much and was it sufficient to favor one candidate over the other? F-ck if I know. If you think you do, perhaps you're over confident in the info at your disposal.

If Trump was correct will he suffer at the hands of the cheaters this time again or perhaps he'll up his own game in that space?

Oliver Stone: I Don't Know If Trump Lost The Election, Biden "Got So Many Votes" He Wasn't Expected To

By Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics

November 23, 2023

Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone said he does not believe for a fact that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election and said the "East Coast media elite" went too far in dumping on Trump in an interview with Bill Maher on his podcast "Club Random."

OLIVER STONE: I've taken it. They really said, no, you can't take Ivermectin and whatever and the other things. So it's the law, the concept of authoritarian government that is really bothering me. And I think it bothers you this far.

BILL MAHER: Yes, of course.

STONE: Biden from saying, well, you know, we've got to take the vaccine, you know, And.

MAHER: Yes, that's one form of it. I would say the form that Trump is threatening us with is even worse.

STONE: And which is what?

MAHER: Well, I mean, he doesn't concede elections. You know, the elections only count if we win theory of government. Okay. Well, come on. You know, Trump has he still has not conceded the election. He has not conceded. He does not honor them. Okay.

STONE: I mean, do you know for a fact that he lost? I'm just curious.

MAHER: Okay. You're going to make me --

STONE: I just don't know all of the facts.

MAHER: Well I do. Is there a conspiracy theory that you don't believe?

STONE: Come on, Bill. You know I'm intelligent.

MAHER: Intelligent? Of course you are. But look, look, I've had many people sit here and I'd say the same thing to them. Like, the key to getting along in America is not getting into these tribal things. It's understanding that you can have somebody in your life who you go for A, B, C, and D, We are so aligned and the person is so smart and they really get it.

And then E each of you thinks the other one's crazy and there's a couple of those with us, but we got A, B, C, and D, and so we just.

OLIVER STONE: We'll start with that.

MAHER: Yes, that's got to be enough. You can't make people like agree with you on these things. And you're right when you --

STONE: I'm just asking you, I'm not an expert on the election. I don't go on. I'm not a political junkie. You are. And you follow it very closely. Okay.

MAHER: All right, then I'll give you the thumbnail sketch. They tried it in like 60 courts. It was laughed out of every court, including by Republican judges. Report The people who save this democracy were Republicans. Good Republicans. In states where Trump pressured them like the guy, the one he's on trial for in Georgia. Find me 11,000 votes. It's on tape.

A guy like that saying to him, sir, we just don't do that here. I voted for you. I'm a Republican, but we just don't do that. That's what saved us. And they were Republicans. So you don't take their word for it. I mean, it would.

STONE: I don't know. I mean, you went through the 2000 election. That was horrifying to me. What happened when the Supreme Court closed that down. What happened there? You know, the popular vote was --

MAHER: What should we do? Do we just keep counting votes forever? Or should we still be counting them now?

STONE: No. Count them correctly.

MAHER: The people who have testified that this was a fair and will run election. It's a who's who of people like Bill Barr. Mitch McConnell. You're talking about Liz Cheney. You're talking about dyed in the wool, serious conservative Republicans who went with Trump really further out than a lot of us thought they would go with a guy like McCain's not a war hero.


STONE: So what do you think happened in 2000, in Florida?

MAHER: 2000? Well, they stopped the vote. Well, first of all, the governors, the candidate's brother was the governor and the lady counting the votes. Remember the crew over in Harris.

STONE: Katherine Harris.

MAHER: I remembered the name wrong. I, Cruella de Vil. But you're right. Katherine Harris, I mean, could there have been shenanigans? Look, there there was shenanigans in the Nixon-Kennedy election outside of the Democrats. Always plainly. Joe Kennedy. Right. But that brought that election for his son.

STONE: I'll reserve judgment because it was Chicago. It was the Illinois part more than the West Virginia part. And that was Daley. And he was the boss there. And Daley did his own policing in this. But actually, I think Kennedy won the election. I really do. I don't know --

MAHER: But what I'm saying is, one, that's the easiest to get on board with. You're like, no, that's I need all the facts on this.

STONE: Well, I don't know the facts. And I think I would trust the accountants more than the politicians. And I'd like to know what the accountants, the guys who vote, who know the most about votes, who do the Electoral Commission's, you know. I can't take Biden's word for it on anything.

MAHER: It's not his word. It's the Electoral Commission. It's Trump's own election security guy who said this was the most fair, well-run election that we've had ever.

STONE: Really?


STONE: I don't know about that. Okay. I don't know about that.

MAHER: Well, I mean, if there's nothing that can be said or argued that would convince you --

STONE: You, I think it would shock people --

MAHER: Then they called it --

STONE: -- Joe [Biden] got so many got so many votes. You know, that was what was shocking, that he did so well compared to what he was expected to do --

MAHER: Right.

STONE: -- because we believed all the East Coast media --

MAHER: Then why do you believe he could have lost?

STONE: We believed all the East Coast media elite that he was going to fail and boom, yes, the were wrong. We would love to see them being wrong, don't we? The media elite?

They went too far in hating and in dumping on Trump. And people don't like that in America.

MAHER: You're right.

STONE: People don't like dumping. They did it too much.

MAHER: Well, yes, I was actually having this discussion about the CNN network recently. And, you know, I want there to be a CNN in the world. You know, something that I couldn't I used to be able to do count on them. And I still do some what a joke. Some of it to just give me give it to me straight talk.

Just give me the news. And, you know, they had this town hall with Trump about six months ago. And it was they kind of they took a lot of flack for it. But he was adored by the audience who were Republicans, I guess, and independents. I think they said both. But whoever it was, they fucking loved him. And then the panel comes on after and they do nothing but shit on Trump and what a liar is.

And there's nothing. Okay. And as a viewer, I'm thinking, You know what? I fucking hate Trump. I know he's a liar, but this is boring. First of all, we know it and you're not trying to get at what I think would get a better audience for you, which is putting forward just the notion why? Why do these people, this entire audience of people, can we just watch?

Why do they like him so much? What are you doing that is so off putting? If if even if they don't like him that much, that they prefer him to, you know, you know, if Cracker Jacks peanuts and dog shit and it, you know, you know why the dog shit is, you know, getting half the action.

STONE: I think a lot of people liked him because he got dumped on so, so much. It's like Pete Rose. You know it when he quit. Yeah. A lot of people started to resent the media for the dumping on Pete Rose, and he was probably crooked in that way with a gambling, you know, question.

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