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Self driving lawnmawer to replace a crew of three?

Snitzer announces the premier of Terminator IV for the July 4th weekend. A spaceship lands on earth with a payload full of cyber AI deadly lawn-mowing robots, who end up mowing profane un woke obscenities in people's front yards.

A suburban company is using self-driving lawnmowers, and it's among the first to do so

By NBC Chicago Staff • Published June 10, 2023 • Updated on June 10, 2023 at 8:12 pm

While you might see self-driving cars on the road in some states, that's not the case in Illinois. But you might catch a glimpse of a different kind of self-driving machine - one that might make you think twice.

A Bartlett-based landscaping company is among the country's first to use self-driving mowers, also known as Autonomous Mowing Robots. Sebert Landscape, the fifth largest full-service commercial landscape company in the Midwest, acquired the AMRs from RC Mowers, a Green Bay-based manufacturer of robotic lawnmowers, according to a news release.

With an autonomous mower, one operator can generate the same revenue as a crew of three, said Michael Brandt, CEO of RC Mowers. Using the self-driving machines allows businesses to increase operational efficiency, but also help generate revenue in an area that typically yields minimal profits.

"Our business model has always seen to it that we remain on the cutting edge of sustainability, innovation and green technology," Jeff Sebert, CEO of Sebert Landscape, said in a news release. "This self-driving mower will fit right in with our goal of taking a lean operational approach to landscaping. We want to make the most of every budget while still providing the best service for our customers using the most up-to-date technology."

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