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Seven years bad luck if you're a Boeing whistleblower!

Just kidding! I meant death.

My favorites quote from Boeing “We are saddened by Mr. Barnett’s passing, and our thoughts are with his family and friends,”

"Rest well you lying connived POS, you won't get a dime"...what they were really thinking.

Boeing whistleblower found dead in hotel parking lot just days after testifying against airplane giant

By Joe Tacopino and David Propper, NY Post

Published March 11, 2024

A Boeing whistleblower was found dead in his truck in the parking lot of his South Carolina hotel after he failed to show up for the second part of his testimony for a bombshell lawsuit against the company, a report said Monday.

John Barnett, 62, had raised safety concerns at the airline’s factories and provided his first testimony just days before he was found dead from an apparent “self-inflicted” gunshot wound, the Charleston County coroner told the BBC.

Ex-Boeing employee John Barnett was found dead days after testifying in a lawsuit against the company.

Barnett’s attorney, Brian Knowles, told TMZ that he had explicit doubt about the circumstances of his death, and called the self-inflicted gunshot “alleged.”

“Today is a tragic day,” Knowles told Corporate Crime Reporter. “John had been back and forth for quite some time getting prepared. The defense examined him for their allowed seven hours under the rules on Thursday.”

The whistleblower had been staying at the hotel to provide a deposition in a whistleblower lawsuit against the company.

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His lawyer said he and his co-counsel had been calling Barnett’s phone on Saturday, but the calls went to voicemail.

“We then asked the hotel to check on him,” he said. “They found him in his truck dead from an ‘alleged’ self-inflicted gunshot. We drove to the hotel and spoke with the police and the coroner.”

An email to Knowles was not immediately returned Monday night.

Barnett had worked for Boeing for over three decades before retiring in 2017.

He worked as a quality control engineer. In 2019, Barnett told the BBC that Boeing had compromised safety by rushing to get its 787 Dreamliner jets off the production line.

Boeing released a statement on Barnett’s death.

“We are saddened by Mr. Barnett’s passing, and our thoughts are with his family and friends,” the statement read.

The company has been under heightened scrutiny in recent months due to a myriad of issues on its planes, including in January when a door plug blew out during an Alaska Airlines flight.

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