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Should we boycott the US Women's Soccer team.

Hell yes! The other day most of our team basically pulled a Colin Kaepernick during the National Anthem looking disgusted to play for the US. I guess they don't like their 300 million brethren.

Hey, that's cool. We don't much care for you either. Go f-ck yourself. Especially you Megan Repinoe, you unpatriotic beach who our geriatric in charge President Biden awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That's a joke since she routinely denounces her country of origin.

Why don't you all play for China, India, some South American dictatorship?

Sorry, I need to stop taking amphetamines.

US women’s soccer team is incredibly hard to root for

By Phil Mushnick, NY Post

July 27, 2023 9:35pm Updated

When will it end? Will it ever end? Or is it over when it’s over for you when you no longer can stomach it?

Why have the most influential forces in sports — TV execs, advertisers, the media, and the top administrative authorities — determined that our sports be denuded of sports? Why have the conceited, vulgar, and selfish — assorted creeps antithetical to sports — been given the keys to the kingdom?

Even if it remains flabbergasting, it’s hardly a surprise that Fox and marketing geniuses seized upon the overwhelming disgust with Team Obnoxious, the 2019 US Women’s World Cup Championship team — a literal turnoff among even the most willing and eager “USA! USA!” chanters — then repackaged it as the reason to again both watch and root for “our gals.”

Again, the excessive, me-first, all-about-me antics of vulgar Megan Rapinoe, wildly unpopular among her country’s right-minded populace, has been restored as someone everyone loves and admires.

How could Fox, the exclusive US rights holder, have missed what America saw so plainly as nauseating — even if President Biden bestowed the country’s highest civilian medal on her for reasons unknown?

Megan Rapinoe's classless antics in the past is one reason the USWNT is a hard team to root for, Phil Mushnick writes.

Was Biden’s selection committee particularly impressed with Rapinoe’s full-field, rub-it-in solo victory lap after scoring to make it 9-0 over Thailand in a 13-0 final? Or the way she used the F-word in addressing an NYC crowd that was loaded with kids?


President Joe Biden awards Megan Rapinoe the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Boorish Megan Rapinoe unfit for Presidential Medal of Freedom

In the US’s 2019 win over England, Alex Morgan scored, then ran to the sidelines so all could see her mock the opponents by miming English tea time.

It was standard classlessness for a classless team that already twice this month has made it clear to an international audience during our national anthem their shame in representing the United States.

So what did Fox do with that Morgan tea-sipping video?

It included it in a promo as to why we should watch this year’s US matches.

Can Fox’s shot callers be any more detached from viewers who can distinguish good from bad, bad from worse?

Another Fox promo shows the US team as a collection of the scowling discordant.

Hey, this is a team without class! Don’t miss them!

Everything you need to know about the 2023 Women’s World Cup including schedule, scores and news

Reader Keith Marston: “The Gashouse Gorillas [of Bugs Bunny baseball infamy] are more likable than the USWNT.”

Alex Morgan once mocked English soccer fans with a tea-time gesture after a United States' win in 2019.

Alex Morgan once mocked English soccer fans with a tea-time gesture after a US win in 2019.

Getty Images

Or is Fox this time targeting an audience exclusively composed of disaffected yahoos?

That, and the public losing their money to bad-odds gambling, seems to be the plan in all sports.


Alex Morgan


USWNT’s Alex Morgan is wrong about her tea-sipping critics

It still strikes me as impossible that Marshawn Lynch, a player so unapologetically vulgar in semi-decipherable speech and actions that he became celebrated and imitated by fools for grabbing his crotch after scoring — his hit-and-run conviction was never mentioned on TV — became an advertising go-to guy, including TV ads for, of all hands-on things, Subway sandwiches.

But we’re supposed to believe that Stephen A. Smith’s, Skip Bayless’, and Colin Cowherd’s opinions are valued, David Ortiz, John Smoltz, and Alex Rodriguez enhance baseball telecasts, Serena Williams is the finest human to have ever played tennis, Tiger Woods is next to godliness, we enjoy watching self-entitled Spike Lee demand attention from his front-row perch at Knick games and believe that ESPN hired Pat McAfee for any better reason than that he’s crude, thus perfect to lure the Disney network’s target audience.

And so we’re supposed to be all in — again — with our blind support for America’s female soccer team, distinguishable for its pledges of allegiance to Nike, as if they know what stinks about America, the Land of the Unjust, but are ignorant as to who made their uniforms and warm-ups, where and for how much.



USWNT gets wake-up call in hard-fought 2023 World Cup tie with Netherlands

They’ve no problem representing Nike, reliant on oppressed Communist China’s factory serfs toiling for minimal existence in a country that “disappears” human rights advocates.

The United States? Not so much.

Of course, no one is forcing us to watch.

Such an option is a very American value well worth cherishing and practicing.

But it’s a shame that what we might normally watch — an international sporting event at which the US team excels — would be too great a sensory compromise not to mention a second case of US Women’s World Cup nausea.

I wonder if the US team — I’m hesitant to write “our team” — is aware, or even cares, that it’s very difficult, if not impossible, for self-respecting Americans to waste their time on them.

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