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Snitz explains how news works w one example

When's the last time you thought about Katlin Clark. Ok, now how about Katie Couric. The later has faded from the public sphere year's ago.

For her to appear across your media windshield she needs to say something pretty outrageous or it's not going to "trend". Reasonable nuanced stories don't get viewed and don't produce revenue for news sources.

By the way, I attacked a dog yesterday and was arrested for assault by the Arlington Heights Police.

Katie Couric slammed as ‘out of touch’ for claiming Trump’s MAGA driven by ‘anti-intellectualism’

By Aneeta Bhole, NY Post

Published April 15, 2024

Katie Couric is facing backlash online for claiming the Make America Great Again political movement is driven by “anti-intellectualism.”

Couric made the comments while discussing Donald Trump and MAGA — which was born during the former president’s 2016 campaign — on the latest episode of Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast.

“The socio economic disparities are a lot and class resentment is a lot and anti-intellectualism and elitism is what is driving many of these anti-establishment [people] — which are Trump voters — so, I think that is a huge problem that we have to address,”

Couric explained to Maher, referring to the MAGA movement that got its name from the ex-president’s campaign slogan.

“I mean globalization and the transition from an industrial to a technological society — I don’t know if you’ve ever been jealous of someone else or resentful — It is such a corroding and bitter almost bile feeling.”

“This is what you call projection – blaming the other side for feeling a certain way when it’s actually you who feels that way,” one user said.

Another took a swipe at Couric saying: “It’s full of people she’s never met and wouldn’t lower herself to be around.”

“This is so disgusting and shows how out of touch she is. Make no mistake, this is how the media views Trump supporters,” said another.

While one X user said: “I’ve never been a jealous person- and I find many of Trump supporters highly educated in vast arenas. I think Couric is a snob and a low IQ commie. She’s lived inside her glass bubble so long she’s completely out of touch with reality.”

Katie Couric on Bill Maher Club Random podcast

Maher, in contrast, defended Trump voters, saying media pundits and commentators should take the time to understand them better.

“Not to defend Trump, but to defend the people who still vote for him,” Maher said.

Donald Trump

“Because what they see on the other side, to them, is even more dangerous. Because it’s closer to home: ‘My kid is coming home from school and he thinks he’s a racist? He’s five, what have you been telling him? My son thinks maybe he’s not a boy.’ And maybe that’s true, that happens. Those kind of things are what they say. ‘That’s why I’m voting for Trump,'” added Maher.

Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for president while Biden is Democratic party’s presumptive nominee — setting up a rematch of the 2020 election.

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