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Snitz explains the rules at Harvard (make sure you're OK)

Listen up. You've worked hard (scratch that you've made a pact with Satin) to get into Harvard. You want to f-ck that up by running afoul with the campus Word Police? Of course, you don't.

That's where I come on. Follow a few simple rules and you're going to graduate and take your place among the Illuminati.

Microaggression avoidance 101: You don't want to get nailed with a big "abuser" moniker stamped on your forehead...right? Go ahead say "right".

Good. You can not, I repeat can not use the wrong personal pronouns, engage in sizeism (point out that someone is the size of an Amana Refrigerator), ageism (point out someone's age) or ableism (not provide a deaf person brail or sign language...oops blind for the first, deaf for the 2nd) or you are engaging in abuse and violence under the university's code of conduct which will get your ass thrown off campus (as a student or teacher).

The good news is you can call for the extermination of Jews, in front of Jews. That's OK. No, relax, I've got you covered. Besides they're used to it. It's no big deal.

BTW, it's okay if you're the President of U of Penn to smile (I mean when testifying about Jewish genocide). Why go through life as a sourpuss?

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