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Snitz explains why Biden's great economy isn't so great.

Joe is celebrating our robust economy and is flummoxed that others aren’t giving him the proper credit. He’s got some good reasons to feel that way. Inflation is down, hiring remains robust, the stock market had a banner year and 2023 GDP growth was 2.5%, not great but reasonable and better than the EU.

So why are most Americans unsatisfied and pissed at the job this administration is doing? They just cranky petulant children?

Well to start out, the price of everything has spiraled up since the pandemic and not by a little. Whether or not the rate of increase has ebbed slightly, this is one genie that’s not going back in the bottle. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet; housing. The combination of housing price inflation and high interest rates has made the average American home cost/month between 2 and 2.5 times more than a few years ago. Ouch!

Have wages also gone up? Not really. In fact, adjusted for inflation they’ve gone down!

So people are honked off because things cost a lot more and they’re not making more $.

Is that simple enough for you?

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