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Snitz reviews Chris Rock's new Netflix special.

First off, I'm a big Chris Rock fan. In fact, I include one of his best bits ever below.

Having watched the recent Netflix special, there's some funny stuff, and I generally agree with most reviewers who found the Netflix show kind of formulaic, lacking spontaneity. Ergo, going through motions, grabbing the low-hanging foot. Not particularly innovative (perhaps, but for the last 10 minutes where he punches back at Will Smith)

Ok, now to rip Chris a new one. First off, he uses the "N" word about 200 times. He's not the first black comedian to do that (Chapelle) but it's incredibly lame. For years, Jewish folks dominated stand-up comedy. Ever heard one of them refer to their brethren as Kikes, Sheenies or Hymies. Of course not. We don't like anyone (Jewish or not) calling members of the tribe that period.

If a non-black were to use the "N" word even once in a routine, they'd get canceled so fast it would make your head spin. Enough of black entertainers acting like their above bad language. Sorry, I don't buy what they're selling.

Don't worry; I get more offensive. I have all the subtly of a lowland gorilla, but again Rock's depiction of women in the special is so misogynistic that even I cringe. Rock's idea of an ideal women is someone who has a pea-sized brain, is younger than his kids and isn't smart enough to ask for anything expensive.

Not impressed. Does he deserve a pass for that because he's a minority and got slapped by Smith? Nope! Rock is a brilliant about stepping up and coming up with some original material that doesn't perpetuate bullcrap.

That's not Snitz being woke, it's Snitz asking Rock to stop acting like a complete Jackass.

Wow, I need to lie down.

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