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Snitz review: Joe's State of the Union

Well, I watched it. I even shut the f-ck up during the telecast so as not to piss off other family members. Talk about self-control!

Here's my take:

  • Joe nailed it. He didn't stumble or look like he was having a grand-mal seizure. The Prez delivered his lines with enthusiasm and in the process made it difficult for his Dem comrades to replace him. That cuts both ways. The DNC may have been rooting for him to fall flat on his face? Now they may be stuck with him.

  • The president took credit for an economy that's going pretty darn well which isn't unreasonable.

  • Where he got into semantic trouble is trying to blame the GOP for the border crisis and claiming the crime rate had fallen during his administration. Forgetting whether those claims are true, the narrative isn't going to fly with the electorate.

  • He also started skating on thin ice when he claimed inflation has been tamed. Since the pandemic, Americans see staples costing more, interest rates going nuts and exorbitant housing prices.

  • The irony? Had Joe not given the progressive wing of the party control (& opened the border) he'd likely have a lock on a second term. He could have overcome his dementia and passed away quietly in his sleep while in office.

  • Sadly for him, Kennedy will help Trump work him over prior to Nov and immigration will propel the Dark Lord into the White House once again.

How's that for brevity? I get to the point? Yes, I do!

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