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Snitz reviews "Arnold". I also give Bill Burr a moment to chime in. I'll be back!

Ok, Arnold is a complex and highly charismatic guy, even at the age of 75. I found the 3 part Netflix documentary fascinating and intellectually stimulating (bringing up some imp life questions). Do I remind you of the Dala Lama?

First off, the Austrian Oak f-cked up with his housekeeper, has admitted such and secondly, made a cardinal error messing with the Kennedys. Dumb. He deserves to get flack for that. But that doesn't mean he's not done other stuff that's remarkable.

The movie covers three phases of his life:

  1. Inventing himself as the greatest bodybuilder in history and turning that into an industry. The fact that he barely spoke English and came from a small farming village makes the story even more unlikely.

  2. Transforming himself into the largest-grossing movie star in the world (circa late 1980s) with zero acting training and initial difficulty speaking our language.

  3. 3. Transforming again into a successful politician, becoming Calif's Governor. Oops...he was a lousy governor, but most politicos are FOS. My opinion: He should have stayed out of politics.

What's the most interesting topic of the film? None of the above. "Arnold" is about the people we love to worship. Guys driven to "be the best". The Micheal Jordan's of the world. Win at all costs.

That's not the same as people who are driven to make the world a better place than they found it and/or are driven to achieve a level of excellence. Those guys impress me more. I think our society's preoccupation with "winning" vs. the latter is a great topic to discuss. So start talking to your friends about this dagnabit.

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