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Snitz's experience and near "miss" w anti-sematism.

Updated: Nov 13

For many of us, discrimination, racism, or ethnic cleansing is something we read about yet seldom experience firsthand. Our daughter Katie recently did some extensive research on our ancestry, the results of which we're rather chilling.

My Grandma Lillian, came from a small village of 2,000 in Poland called Rajgrod which had been home to a large population of Jews since before the 1700s. Her family decided, for reasons unclear, to leave the town in 1902 and put down roots in Chicago.

Had they left after WWII the chances I'd be writing this would have been fairly slim. Of the 600 Jews in the town (alive before 1941) exactly 10 survived extermination during the Holocaust.

The grizzly town details can be found on page 944 at the link below.

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