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Snitz's take on Trump and Biden's legal troubles. How they cut each other's chances?

Both men are unfit for office for vastly different reasons. That said, the legal trouble they're both facing impact their chances for public office in 2024 differently.

Trump: Being indicted has strengthened his brand. His polling numbers continue to rise to the point he's got the Republican nomination locked. Polling numbers also indicate the majority of the American public, while disliking the guy, think the FBI and Dem leadership has conspired to lock him up and played dirty. Unless he gets found guilty and locked up prior to the election, the net result will be positive for Trump.

Even if he is found guilty it's unclear whether or not that would invalidate his chance to govern if elected.

Biden: His legal trouble doesn't help him. Not by a long shot. If he's found to have conspired to sell political influence through his son, the Dems will quickly throw him under the bus. In fact, they're ready to jettison him because of his diminished mental capacity. His son just makes their job easier.

Does this mean I think Trump will be elected? God, I hope not.

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