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Snitz takes a 2nd shot at the Trump Defamation verdict.

30 years ago Jean Carrol was probably in no position to press sexual assault charges against a media figure like Trump. She would likely have been put on trial herself in a media circus no sane person would want to endure. Does that make Trump guilty? Probably! If he walks like a duck he's probably…Trump certainly has walked the walk. His public statements ooze of misogyny and he’s alluded to grabbing women’s private parts on several occasions. 12 women have come forward over the years and accused him of wrong doing.

Yes, there’s no specific evidence provided by Carrol three decades later, and no additional witnesses (except two hearsay witnesses who claim she mentioned the incident). But she’s easy to believe. Donald’s hard to believe.

Now put yourself in a jury box. A gang member with a long rap sheet, just released from the joint for aggravated battery has just been accused of assault by a rival gang member. The prosecutor says he walks like a duck. Maybe he didn’t beat this guy up, but he’s beaten plenty of other guys. Forget the evidence, do your community a favor, and get this scum bag off the street. Sound reasonable?

That logic probably did to plenty of bad cops who put thugs away who’ve since been exonerated by the Innocence Project.

Back to Trump. Did you know that I’ve located 10 unrelated women who got photos taken at fundraisers w Trump? A few actually spent time with him. They’re all prepared to file civil suits (w Spritzler and Spritzler) alleging they were groped. I’m ready to settle with Trump’s atty for a tidy sum of $5 million each…else Donald will look worse than Bill Cosby. Will we prevail at trial? Jean did. 10 new litigants have even better odds and Donald will be accused of a pattern of serial sexual violence. Evidence? We would not necessarily need any specific evidence.

How are you feeling about our justice system now? No easy answer. I wouldn't want the former president alone with anyone of the opposite sex I cared about.

How about the Dems who paint Donald supporters as ignorant trailer trash who aren’t worthy to vote? The DNC can’t leave the election to our electoral system…he must be stopped by the courts.

Of course, the best way to stop Trump is for the Dems to put some points up on the board (like Air Jordan). Like secure the border, deal with crime, get business-friendly, and stop supporting stupid wars. Instead of running a senile progressive proxy (or Gavin or Gov Fatso) how about running a moderate like Joe Manchin. He’d eat Donald for lunch. Or buy a time machine and bring back a 50-year-old Bill Clinton (a centrist). Sure he bedded more women than Trump ever dreamed of and was a bit dishonest but he’d run the table.

Then again, what do I know about criminal justice? Oh, wait a minute! This was a civil verdict. Losing $80 million isn't like getting probation or doing a few months behind bars. It's ok? Right?

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