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Snitz talk population around the globe. Oh yah!

This is all me baby! I've been taking a deep dive into the website Our World in Data.

As you may know (if you are not an idiot) large parts of the globe are experiencing a demographic crisis. Not too many people, but the opposite. As cohorts of people have moved into urban areas they stop having as many kids. Rising costs of raising kids, especially schooling can further motivate people to have smaller families.

The result is that the population of working-age (15-64 yrs)adults is shrinking to critical levels in certain places while the population of elderly, who no longer work and need to be supported is growing geometrically. Meanwhile, the cohort of kids being born (& youngsters) tomorrow's workers is shrinking.

In terms of demographic carnage, China stands supreme. Look at how the working-age population is dropping like a rock while the elderly rises for the next 40 years. Meanwhile, the number of kids continues to drop like a rock.

Think Europe is any better? Not much.

The place that's growing and shows great promise as an expanding economic power is India. It just overtook China as the world's most populous nation. Its working cohort will be growing for the next 40 years.

The US is in surprizing good shape, mostly because of early immigration from Mexico.

Plus our largest trade partner has a stable working age population and continues to provide labor for our manufacturing process.

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