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Snitz watches Barbie w the missus

OMG, do I have some apologizing to do. This is going to be a rough morning. First off, I'm sorry for being an accomplice in centuries of racial discrimination and for having misogyny literally dripping out of my pores like a giant Maple.

I'd feel worse, but I'm just a vacuous White dude. The lights on but nobody's home. Worse still, I'm sorry ladies; you won't believe this...I thought the movie was stupid. Sort of a Marvel Comics attempt to capture female cultural oppression through the medium of a thin wasted large chested doll. What a great icon for the women's movement!

Wow...I need to hand it to Mattel. I hope a new generation of young males will embrace the movie and buy Ken dolls.

BTW, I might as well have been watching a history of the KKK in a theater of African Americans. I felt like slinking out of the theater, my head bowed in shame.

Just kidding. What a giant load of crock.

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