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Sorority Rush at Bama! 100% Rotten Tomatoes score. Snitz commentary.

Just finished the documentary Bama Rush recently released on HBO Max. It's been highly controversial, pissing off many Alabama supporters and folks who think the flick is a hatchet job on the fraternity/sorority system.

As someone who was a Zeta Psi back in the late 70s, I found the film fascinating, thought-provoking and perhaps a little biased. So what.

My take on what I saw.

  • Girls at many big sorority schools are being groomed to appear like Kardashian Jrs. Ergo, looking glammed up on social media while swimming in a highly competitive social shark tank that eats its weak. Considering almost 70% of college students reported being depressed last year and over 30% considering suicide at some point...the "weak" appear to be the majority here and aren't inheriting the earth (at least at Bama).

  • These organizations do a lot of good and shouldn't be painted with only a negative brush, but honestly...the kids who sit atop the sorority leadership appear to be doing a good imitation of self-centered, vain dilettantes. Ouch...

  • Is the problem the intense competition? Don't think so. Kids duke it out to make it into the best schools; only a few play varsity athletics. It's a competitive world out there, baby. But competing to have the best Instagram profile or do the best imitation of Barbie? Being famous for having the best touchus? Not exactly trying to make it to the Olympics.

  • Does this fairly portray the system? Probably not. And the subject of fraternities isn't mentioned. That's much better I suppose.

  • In the final analysis, sending kids to country clubs costly $50-$70,000 per year and foregoing four years of earning potential to generate Instagram followers seem like a prudent way to produce a capable workforce/leadership for the next generation. I suppose, haha.

  • Final thoughts: Sorieties don't mix well with social media and reality TV generation.

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